From the historic and glamorous Kansas City Club building….Welcome to the Kansas City Wellness Club!

Welcome to all those wellness thirsty souls. We’re thrilled to finally get our first blog out here, as we will be building up much more content on our social sites, and through in person events in our building.  These will be updated and posted through our website, our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), and our YouTube channel.  If you’ve never visited us, feel free to do a virtual 360 degree tour of our spaces here and get a feel for how large and accommodating we can be to you and your wellness/lifestyle needs.

Our mission of ‘guiding you to rise above the tidal wave of modern day life, so you can sustainably offer the best version of both your inner and outer beauty’ has never been more relevant than it is right now.  We have now navigated through the initial wave of a pandemic and first ever nationwide lockdown period.  Even though we were never more connected as a global family than we were from middle of March to middle of April, we are now in the heights of a lot of inequality movements.  We have an immense amount of data at our access, yet the way it is controlled and shared causes us confusion of clarity and feeling overwhelmed.  We also have sensational headlines and impulses that consistently send lower vibration messages of fear and division.  It is important for us to acknowledge how this moment forced us to slow down for a couple months, that we take a breath to reflect upon our connectedness to our local communities, our planet, and what matters the most to us. We were forced to listen to the universal truths present inside each of us, and reach for our most ingrained human desires of sustained contentment, safety, a sense of belonging, and timely diverse experiences. Everyone wants to know what the future is going to look like.  We need to realize that WE are determining that future.  It is emerging every day, and each of our daily decisions have cause and effect impact.  We are not witnesses to the future…we are active participants.

Do not be afraid. Fear raises your stress level, and raised stress levels weaken your immune system. Consider both the physical and mental impacts of trying to sterilize your life. Our bodies need healthy bacteria…we need our immune system actively functioning. No matter where you stand or what you’ve heard, Wellness (becoming and staying holistically healthy) is the common denominator for the best personal path forward- along with a raised level of collective consciousness towards practical outer means, and common sense methods.  Remember that our bodies are remarkably resilient- that they have evolved over many 1000s of years and they know how to adapt to new health challenges- so think of that optimism rather than dwell on any worst case scenarios. We can overcome odds.  We can make changes we never thought possible. If there is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, that is an idea whose time has come. Love will win out over fear.  A new age is dawning….

We choose to live and operate in that new age of healthier communities and a healthier planet for us, our kids, and their generations to come.  We are your modern day health & wellness club, an electric spa, salon, wellness center, and yoga and fitness studio.  A new age community center of education and growth, for our modern day lives that are SO overwhelmingly “so busy”… We focus on mindfulness, modern day stressors and self-realization through self-transcendence: which is one’s journey of becoming, and maintaining, the best version of yourself.  Our approach is holistic, it is natural based, it focuses on sustainability, it supports local regional and USA businesses. We embrace new technologies of Virtual Reality, in the context of wellness programming.  We have the only sauna/steam room combo in our geographic location. We are a place that provides treatments and discloses truths not often found in mainstream, using fun & transformative experiences to bring out excitement for living life to the fullest.  We take all your wellness needs, and concentrate them in one place for your convenience, and to save you time and money.

We have seen you searching for the lure of authenticity. We have noticed your setbacks from your deprioritization of self-care, and exhaustion trying to address too many areas of your life. We have heard your belief that the majority of ailments in today’s society can be reduced or eliminated through traditional and advanced treatments that do not carry with them a multitude of adverse side effects or promised through a “magic pill”. We have events and integrated services that simplify and enhance your path to personal growth, optimal health, a more convenient, healthier, more manageable life that has less stress- and more resiliency to it when it does occur.   We have now seen 3 skyfall events in the last 19 years…we know these are happening too often and disrupting our lives too much.  So while we are here for you now, we are also going to put a lot of emphasis on the future- setting you up to be more resilient to future shocks in the system through introducing or enhancing sustainability/self-sufficiency systems in your life.  Simplifying, condensing, and localizing, the delivery of our core life necessities through a personalized wellness plan, education, and consulting from experts and leaders who will inform and speak to the practicality of shifting to new age sustainable living. We intend to run a pilot group this year on the project.

Speaking of being authentic, in light of the current pandemic, and the healthy, generous, and empathetic culture we seek to offer, we are currently allowing healthcare workers to receive complimentary signature services, and Pay What You Can for everyone else.  We are guessing you could use a haircut or massage right about now…so pay what you have the ability to do, or what you believe is fair. Please also consider tipping your guide for their hard work.  We are also offering up our space for rental, as we know you seek to reunite with your friends and family members, but have questions about where to do that.  We want to provide you with a warm, welcoming, fun, and beneficial environment to do that….and our spaces and the historic Kansas City Club building allow us to do that.  We have posted an update HERE on new hours and other operational details to keep you and us safe. 

Finally, stay tuned for an announcement soon about a Chiropractor at the Wellness Club, for the unveiling of our membership options, and for other social wellness gatherings to meet as many of you like minded folks as possible.

Why? Because you are worthy. Because you have asked us to create a place like this. Because self care should not greatly inconvenience you nor take a back seat on your priority list. Because we chose to be on the right side of history, and know that you will too.

And yes, because you’re awesome. 🙂

Let’s be this change together.  Let’s unite and boldly walk into this new age that has dawned…


Owner, Kansas City Wellness Club