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We are a natural and eco-friendly 3,000 sq ft wellness center & spa, and 900 sq ft yoga & event space. A breathable lush oasis in the middle of an urban concrete landscape. You will feel at peace, comfortable, and clear-headed as soon as you enter and throughout your stay as you journey through holistic health, beautification, and traditional time-tested self-care and guidance.



Even if you can’t go tour the Wellness Club in person, we are bringing the Wellness Club to YOU, in a 360-degree perspective! Access it by clicking the image below to see how large and accommodating we can be to you and your wellness/lifestyle needs



Since “nature” is one of our core principles (and practiced in our use of natural substances and natural treatments), we wanted to enable a natural environment with a warm welcoming comforting vibe immediately after you come into our doors. We know you’re stepping in from the middle of many busy concrete structures, so when you are in our spaces, it’s important that you feel that you are done rushing for a while. Relax, and take some mindful breaths, as we’re not going to rush you in here. Have some water, or fresh wellness snacks, look at some art or some of the natural products that we use here or rent a VR headset to start your transformative journey while you wait for your appt to begin.

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You simply cannot call yourself a Spa without a sauna or steam room. We got both, and in fact, boast the largest sauna in the KC downtown area- at least we believe so and have yet for anyone to prove us wrong!

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We have so many different things happening at the wellness club, most visibly highlighted by all the specialties we host in our 8 different treatments rooms. We optimize around integrative care, where all the healers in the wellness club support and refer to each other, according to your needs, desires, and recommendations. You may be immersed in a deep restorative facial one moment, and then shampoo, cut, and style the next….or mindfully educated on some personal development in our life coaching room before treating yourself to a well-deserved mind and body energizing massage (maybe with a sauna or steam bath in there too)! All rooms are decorated in their own unique style and purpose.

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Providing transformative experiences is a core principle of ours, so we built and dedicated a room to our belief that technology used in moderation to entertain us, educate us, and rejuvenate us…can be extremely beneficial and therapeutic. We are thrilled to offer you the latest in cutting-edge immersive technology in what we call the VRM room! This room represents our intention to allow you to be transported to anywhere in the universe, as in it you will find plush bean bag couches, a meditation station (facing east of course!), a gigantic 86” tv,  and Virtual Reality headsets to vastly expand your mind through a meditation session set in another time and place. You can be transported to another place in the world….all while you’re safely in the wellness club right in the heart of KC.


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The wellness club programs, and especially our entrepreneurial and business-minded professionals who work with us, seek to make an impact beyond what we can provide in our treatment rooms. Our yoga studio is available to rent as an event space for business or small private events. With a projection system, a flexible and integrated PA system with speakers and microphones, along with a private bathroom and mobile bar…we can furnish all that you need to host your event, which could also be combined with private rental of our wellness center and experience rooms in there. We also intend to create a production studio, to develop, produce, and spread insightful wellness-themed content from our healers and instructors, as well as through partnerships with other wellness-minded healers and instructors. We host live in-person events, and will soon broadcast out over the internet or into virtual conference rooms.


We aimed high to provide you with comfortable and elegant showers, changing rooms, and facilities. There are both women’s and men’s private showers, locker rooms & dressing rooms. Multiple bathrooms, and even an individual private changing room for choice.