Hair Salon and Head Spa

Our Commitment

Experience hair wellness every day from the offerings inside our Holistic Hair Salon. Our stylists are well-versed in ALL hair types and textures. All cosmetologist at The Kansas City Wellness Club are educated in advanced product knowledge to pamper your locks and scalp while also offering a wide range of advice and treatments.

Our Salon & Head Spa has the long-term health of your hair in mind. Each time you visit us, you have the opportunity to work with our hair specialist to create a plan that restores the integrity of your hair and scalp. Over time your hair is exposed to unwanted chemicals, harsh water, and your personal stress. We consider these factors and will partner with you to create a plan that helps you fall back in love with your hair so that you feel confident in your everyday life no matter how you choose to wear it!

Let us help you revive your hair to its natural glory and set up a workable care routine to keep you at your best.

Prices vary per length of hair, product usage, and/or technique. Please contact us prior to your service appointment with any pricing questions. 

I was in KC for a girls weekend and decided to get a haircut and massage. Let me tell you the experience was amazing! The staff were all wonderful and the massage therapist and stylist did an amazing job!

Head Spa Experience

Our head spa experience will give our stylist the best opportunity to serve your unique haircare needs. This service starts with a hair type evaluation so our stylist can pick the best products from our organic product line that best suits your hair type. You will offered to receive a hair bath, scalp massage, hair trim, deep conditioning mask, or a quick dry and style. The head spa experience is a quiet service, to relax you from your day, or prepare you for the day to come.
60-min | $50

Scalp Treatment

Experience as a stand-alone treatment or an add-on treatment to a blowout, haircut, or hair coloring service. Stimulating essential oils and biodynamic herbs calm and soothe the scalp, while gently cleansing and restoring balance to the hair follicle. Sit back and enjoy the uplifting sensory experience while revitalizing your hair and scalp. This Service ALSO includes a blow dry style!

Scalp Treatment 60 min | $65

Add On Scalp Treatment 30 min | $30

Scalp Massage 10 min | $20  (As an AddOn, $10)

Add on Treatment Mask 15 min | $25  (Deep conditioning treatment for your hair and scalp)

Signature Cuts

Full Cut | $60  (Includes a wash, deep conditioning and blow dry style!)

Men’s Cut | $35  (Add on a wash and conditioner for $5)

Dry Trim 30 min | $30 and up  (an overall dusting of ends to maintain the shape of existing cut; includes any layering)

Add on Iron Work | $10

Grooming, Beards, & Designs

Sideburns, Neckline, Eyebrow, and Ear Clean up | $10  (Rebook for a line up before your next cut!)

Beard & Mustache Trim: not hanging off face | $10

Beard & Mustache Trim: hanging off face | $15

Barber Designs | $10 each

Balders for skin fades or beard trims: | $10


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All blowout services Include shampoo, blow-dry, and style with round brush and application of the Simply Organic product line.  ADD on iron work for that extra sparkle!


Blowout 1hr | $65 (below the shoulders)

Blowout 45 min | $50 (above the shoulders)

Add on Iron Work | $10

Looking to get your hair done for the day?! Come in and receive our dry style of iron work of your choosing for a look that will last for days!

Dry Style | $45 (below the shoulders)

Dry Style | $35 (above the shoulders)

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Coloring and Hair Extensions


AFTER Hair Extensions And ColorBEFORE Hair Extensions And Color

All Hair coloring services include a shampoo, deep conditioning, a mini scalp massage, blow dry and ironwork style! While offering color services our stylist #1 priority is your hair health. Using natural based & vegan dyes helping ensure the state of your hair continues its journey to continuous heath.

ALL First-time customers for color services require a consultation with the stylist before booking can occur.


Consultation: FREE | 15 min

Root Retouch Natural | $120

Root Retouch Bleach and Toner | $150

Balayage Painting Full | $250

Balayage Painting Partial | $170

Full Highlight | $250

Partial Highlight | $150

All Over Natural Color | $140

All Over Bleach and Toner | $300

All Over Bleach and Vivid’s | $350-$400

Split Dye Natural Colors | $180

Split Dye Vivid’s | $250-$350

Retouch of Toner | $40

Hair Extensions | $1500

Hair Extensions Reinstall | $270


**Coloring and Hair Extensions are not included in Kansas City Wellness Club memberships

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