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The health benefits of physical activity can never be overstated. Living an optimal life with your utmost vitality is only possible when your body regularly practices body movement and exercises your cardiovascular system.

At the Wellness Club we want to guide you towards activities that can be incorporated into your existing lifestyle, especially in fun ways aligned with your hobbies & interests & physical needs. We truly provide for many types of exercises that may appeal to you given the context of your lifestyle: walking, running, biking, rowing, step climbing, yoga, core stretching and toning, and even movement-based gaming through Virtual Reality- the body movement opportunities are limitless.

Personal Access

  • Access anytime during our open hours
  • Utilize all machines and activities available
  • If on your own, be able to control the Fitness Studio music and tv
  • Take your workout to a whole new level through Virtual Reality gaming by going boxing vs of the Rocky characters, light saber gaming, ping pong, dancing, or many other physical movement transformational experiences you can discover.

Day Pass: $29

Besides access to the Fitness Center, our Day Pass allows you to relax in our Sauna or Steam Bath, and expand your mind in our Virtual Reality Meditation room if you have time. You will receive access to our locker & shower facilities and feel like a Queen or King as you get ready afterwards in our flashy Women’s Glam Room or our slick Men’s Locker Room.

Note: If you will already be at the Wellness Club for services, access to the Fitness Center comes included with all Wellness Club member visits as well as guests with 2+ services booked, otherwise is just a small $9 investment.

“I was so excited when I found KC Wellness Club. My previous studio had closed, and I had been looking for several months, I had several classes at other locations, not only was this very frustrating, but those just weren’t for me. From the moment I walked in the door and met the staff and saw the room and took my first class this was home! I have met some wonderful people through these classes and the club itself. Now every week I know where I’ll be to continue my healthy mind and body journey. Thanks, KC Wellness Club!”
~Julie L.