Couples Offerings for Shared Relaxation

One of our strengths is how diverse our multi-dimensional service offerings are, which provide you & your significant other shared experiences and optimal health benefits.  All couple’s services must be a minimum of 60mins in duration.


Massage Therapy

Side-By-Side Couples Massage

Celebrate your health together. Two people enjoy the best couples massage experience, side-by-side in our couple’s room. This Swedish massage is a perfect way to enjoy some quality time together. Upgrade to deep tissue.

  • 60 min Couples Session | $180
  • 90 min Couples Session | $270
  • 120 min Couples Session | $360

Add Enhancement to Any Massage Service

Enhancements are available for $20 each, and do not add any extra time.

* Aromatherapy. Enjoy aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit.

* Cupping. Relieve muscle tension, which can improve overall blood flow and promote cell repair.

* Hot Stones. Penetrated heat through footstones or body stones, is an added bonus to any massage!

Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing for Couples

Our intimate relationships are our biggest teachers, but over time the mundane to-do lists of life can lead to a decreased connection as a couple, a mutual lack of attention, and a growing loss of intimacy. This session is designed to clear each individual’s energy as well as the collective energy between you as a couple. By creating a safe space of union and connection you can strive to combine forces and create a clear path forward. Each couples’ session includes Aromatherapy, Guided Meditation, and Reiki energy work to enhance your connection, balance your chakras, remove cords or attachments, and cleanse your emotional and/or physical body. After your session, we invite you to reflect on the experience you’ve shared and further strengthen your sense of connection by spending some integration time in the KC Wellness Club Steam Bath and/or Sauna.

90 min Couples Session | $240 (allow for 2 hours total time)

Massage and Energy Healing Combined

Our massage therapists and energy healer have partnered up to create this one-of-a-kind package for couples. Come to the Kansas City Wellness Club for the full connection experience. Take time to relax and unwind in the Steam and Sauna before your session starts. You will join our providers in the meditation room, where we have side-by-side massage tables to keep you close. Each of you will receive a 60-minute massage and a 60-min energy healing session. Enjoy time together as you both get treated special while here at the Wellness Club.

120 min Couples Session | $359 (Value $420)

Enhancements are available at an additional cost.

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Massage and Facial Combined

The best of both experiences, together. One guest receives our Signature Massage while the other experiences our Signature Holistic Facial.

Embrace beauty rooted in wellness, understanding that radiant skin reflects health on the inside, while a well-cared-for body supports what is within. Our deeply therapeutic treatments combine your massage therapists’ best techniques with traditional healing practices using clinical-grade essential oils and plant extracts to balance and heal the body. Each signature massage is completely customized to provide you with optimal healing and relaxation. Pressure may range from light to medium.

Our signature holistic facial incorporates detoxifying lymphatic brushing, relaxing aromatherapy, massage, and targeted active ingredients, from plant cells to peptides. Leave with a holistic prescription of skincare, beauty foods, herbal remedies, and well-being rituals to deliver true and lasting results.

  • 60 min Couples Session | $210
  • 120 min Couples Session (each receive facial & massage) | $359 ($420 value)
  • Enhancements are available at an additional cost.

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