Fitness Class Descriptions

Please be advised: all classes require registration before attending. If no one is registered, we reserve the right to cancel. Please sign up for a class to register in advance.

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Rhythm & Rootz with Jenna

Jenna Bodensteiner: Rhythm & Rootz is a movement practice dedicated to Spirit Earth and all of her people. Using a world music playlist Jenna uses her intuition to guide the class through grounding and repetitive dance movements that allow everyone to find comfort and access to the purpose of this practice. Rhythm & Rootz focuses on tapping into the core or the joy found in remembering who we are.

Morning Yoga

Join Kansas City Wellness Club life coach, Ramie, in a Classical Yoga series to move the body and focus the mind. Classical Yoga is based on the traditional system of eight limbs, known as Ashtanga Yoga. This style of yoga incorporates meditation and breathwork with the classic asana body poses of yoga. With a focus on alignment, the elements of yoga create a safe space for gentle movement, considering bodies of all types and levels of experience.

It’s excellent for E V E R Y O N E.

It’s a farewell to the week that’s past and a nod to the next. Let’s do this!


Let’s Gather to bring unity to the circle to meditate…we are the people!

Unity is more important now than ever. Don’t miss this weekly opportunity to gather together in communal solidarity. Kansas City Wellness Club’s amazing life coach, Ramie, will guide you through a half-hour meditation in one of the magnificent and spacious event spaces of our Kansas City Club building. Enjoy this mid-week check-in to gather with community members, practice grounding techniques, and de-stress from all the stressful forces currently out there.

The practice of meditation is known to have so many science-based benefits, ranging from stress reduction to focused attention span, enhanced self-awareness, and more. People who meditate regularly are able to increase positive feelings and generate more kindness toward others.

Registration is required. The cost is $10 to drop in or you may purchase a 5-class pass for $40 valid for all our group classes. We accept you, we exist for you, and we are here for our community.

Relax & Restore Yoga

In this class, you will have the opportunity to receive mental clarity and release muscle tension through deep stretching. Poses will be low to the ground and held for a couple of minutes to enter more deeply into the stretch. Props such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks will be utilized to allow deep relaxation. This class is great if your body and/or mind could use a deep release.

Astrology Yoga

Astro Yoga combines the Philosophies and Asanas of yoga with the cosmic energies of Astrology. In Western astrology, each sign of the Zodiac is associated with an area of the body. Of the many aspects that influence our daily energies, the positions of the Sun and the Moon are most potent. Each week, Astro Yoga will dive into the energies of these two celestial bodies to add depth and meaning to your yoga practice. From Aries inversions to Pisces flow, this class connects your practice to both the energies within you and the energies around you.

Join Chelsea of Sevana Wren Studio for this weekly exploration of yoga and energy at KC Wellness Club in the heart of Downtown Kansas City.


Strengthen and Align

Strength means nothing if it is working against us. Don’t let the slower nature of this class fool you. We’ll spend time in poses to build strength and body awareness. In this class, we work on aligning the body and strengthening muscles. This is a great class to counter-act office jobs and can aid in healthy aging. All levels are welcomed.



Come join Chris Anderaos for a fun and intense HIIT workout! High-Intensity Interval Training alternates short periods of intense or explosive anaerobic exercise with brief recovery periods. In this class, you will be challenged in many different ways and for many different group muscles! This class is inclusive for everyone. The exercises will be adjusted based on your needs. Let’s have fun and stay healthy.

Power Yoga

Harness your inner warrior through Power Yoga. Elle guides a vinyasa series with full body strengthening and stretching, building heat throughout the body as you flow. This Power Yoga class is designed for all levels and includes instruction for modification with props throughout the flow.