Transformative Club Packages & Parties


Wellness Club Packages

The Wellness Club’s full benefits are realized when you experience more than one service during your visit. All packages include the use of our spa amenities. We provide robes and sandals.
You may buy any of these packages online and call us to schedule whenever you are ready. If you don’t see what you are looking for or have any questions, just call us and we would love to customize your experience with us. You can receive a discount by creating your own package of 3 or more services on the same day (same guest).

Packages include:

  • Bliss on Baltimore
  • All Wellness in One Visit
  • Best to Impress
  • Space Trip
  • Wellness Date Night (other Couple’s Offerings also listed HERE)
  • Maternity Care
  • Discovery Showcase (our official Intro Deal for only $20!)
  • Day Pass

Looking for a Party at the Wellness Club?

Click HERE for Party options. Whether it be Spa party, Salon party, Bridal party, Girl’s Night Out, Corporate events, or a Private party….we got you covered!!

Bliss on Baltimore

Unwind into a Swedish massage, both relaxing & holistic, with our intuitive massage therapists. A custom facial will meet your skin’s needs, including a series of targeted treatments that will soften and hydrate your skin. Leave with a holistic prescription of beauty & herbal remedies that will excite your well-being rituals. Reflect your best self and finish with a Blow Out and Style after a day with us! Allow for 4 hours.

  • 90 min Signature Massage
  • 60 min Signature Holistic Facial
  • 45 min Signature blow out and style

Purchase for $247 (Value $290)

All Wellness in One Visit

This package showcases our distinguishing characteristic- being able to provide for ALL of your wellness needs…in just ONE visit! Get a little bit of everything with this package to start your wellness journey or maintain it. You will take time in our meditation room for virtual reality immersive grounding and mind expansion during this visit. Head into the fitness center to get the blood flowing with cardio, weights, and stretching. Relax in the steam bath and sauna for continued muscle and skin warm-up, then a cool down with a quick shower. Allow for 5 hours.

  • Virtual Reality Meditation
  • 30-min Life Coaching session
  • Fitness Center Workout
  • Warm-up in the Steam Room and Sauna
  • 30 min Energy Healing session
  • 60 min Massage
  • 30 min Facial
  • Hair Salon Head Spa Experience

Purchase for $238 (Value $280)

Best To Impress

Do you have a special occasion and want to show up as your best self? This package is about beauty and empowerment to prepare you for a worthy moment.  Use this time to prepare for your night out or big event with a 30-min coaching session meant to help you stand tall with confidence in yourself. Take time to relax in the steam bath and sauna and use our showers before services. Then get pampered with a 30-minute facial for a healthy glow and finish up in our salon with a wash and style. Our changing rooms make for the ideal space to finish getting ready before you head out. Allow for 2 hours.

  • empowering 30-min Life Coaching session
  • Sauna/Steam
  • 30 min Facial
  • Hair Salon Head Spa Experience

Purchase for $117 (Value at $139)

Space Trip

Get above the clouds and visit the International Space Station with our virtual reality program while relaxing in our meditation room. Our energy healer will then take you even farther to outer space by guiding you through a 60-minute energy healing session to help you feel more cosmically self-empowered, before you then float freely with a 60-min massage by one of our intuitive massage therapists. Come early and warm up in the steam bath and sauna during your visit, or visit them after your space journey.  Allow for 3 hours.

  • Virtual Reality
  • 60 min Energy Healing session
  • 60 min Massage*
  • Sauna/Steam

Purchase $174 (Valued at $205)
*you may substitute 60-min Craniosacral “moonshot” by resident George Moon

Wellness Date Night

Looking for the perfect date idea? This is a favorite among couples who want to find a fun but relaxing way to connect with some quality time. Plan to come in early to relax and warm up in the steam bath and sauna, then cool down with a quick shower before your services start. This is a customizable package with options for massage, energy healing, and facials. For options, please see our Couple’s Offerings and add $20 for a bottle of organic wine or natural juice smoothies from Evolve. Allow for 2-3 hours depending on the services chosen.

Cost and time vary. Call us to book your best date night ever!

Maternity Care

Designed with the expectant mother in mind. Find physical comfort with a massage. Massage helps to alleviate some of the common discomforts that afflict both the pregnant and postpartum woman. Allow for 2.5 hours.

  • 60 min maternity facial
  • 60 min Mother-To-Be Massage (Pre or Postnatal)

Purchase for $183 (Value $215)

Discovery Showcase

Our official Intro Special, and the perfect way to feel what it’s like to have a membership at an award-winning wellness center, over an hour at the Best Day Spa in town, all for just $1! View details by clicking below.

Day Pass

Just looking for a relaxing moment? Then our Day Pass may be the option for you! You get to relax in our Sauna or Steam Bath, get your blood flowing with a workout in our Fitness Center, or expand your mind in Virtual Reality. You will receive access to our shower facilities and feel like a Queen or King as you get ready afterwards in our flashy Women’s Glam Room or our slick Men’s Locker Room. You will be able to come and go as you’d like all day long.

Purchase for $29 (Value $55)

Wellness Club Parties:

You and some friends/family want a small party? Or Spa party, Salon party, Bridal party, Girl’s Night Out, Corporate events, or a Private party? We got the party for you! We know you want to connect with your friends and family again, and we want to provide you with a warm, welcoming, safe, fun, and beneficial environment to do that. Check out all our Couple’s offerings HERE, or if you’re looking to book for 3 or more people, review the options below and go ahead and give us a call at 816.601.5592. We can also set up a private room for you and your guests for you to use during your stay here.

  • Party Option 1:
    Review our menu on our website, and just tell us exact services & durations you want.

  • Party Option 2:
    Just tell us what budget you have, how much total duration you have for your entire visit/stay here, and what preferences you have on types of services.
  • Event Space Rental:
    If you’re looking for something larger than a small party, or you want to use the space as a fresh meeting/event space for social clubs, women’s or men’s circles or focus groups, wellness organizations, educational expert speakers, & sustainability groups who need space and want to be a part of a new age movement. For this we have an option to rent out our space and include Wellness services to give your event a specific wellness theme. We request you visit our Event Space Rental page and fill out the form to start any event inquiry process.