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The Wellness Club seeks to unite wellness advocates of all kinds to share their gifts, and we are excited to have built a warm, welcoming community of like-minded conscious beings. We want to support you as you grow professionally and take on the task of serving others in a bigger way, as we know that the mission is greater than that of any individual person. We have many opportunities available for you to embrace:  1) rental and commission opportunities here at the Club; 2) remote referral-based partnerships; and 3) temporary “as needed” partnerships that we can call upon for collaboration when we receive large party requests (i.e., a 150 person sorority party that we hosted in 2023!).  No matter what you’re seeking, please fill out our brief job inquiry form so we can reach out and find ways to synergize.

  • Have you always wanted to be part of an emerging holistic health business that ambitiously seeks to enhance and improve the lives of their community?
  • Are you feeling detached from your current job?  Do you desire a career that aligns more with your core values and passions?
  • Do you wish you could step right into a place and integrate with an existing customer/member base without starting from scratch?
  • Do you like getting motivated by benefits and incentives, such as:
    • Complimentary Access to Club amenities, your personal wellness health club home
    • Discounts and Service Trades with other talented & diverse wellness professionals
    • Performance-based bonuses around memberships and business profits
    • Professional Business Development Coaching
    • Linens/Sheets provided

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, working with the Kansas City Wellness Club might be the perfect job for you!  Please fill out the form below; we look forward to learning more about you.  In the meantime, if you would like to see & hear what staff say it’s like to work at the Kansas City Wellness Club, click HERE


Positions currently open


Natural based Healers (Reiki Energy Healers, Life Coaches, Therapeutic Holistic Arts, Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine)

Terrific opportunity for intuitive entrepreneur-minded healers who seek to get to the root causes of issues rather than just addressing symptoms, and who want to heal people from the inside out! Maybe you’re into Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, Lymphatic Compression Suits, Cryotherapy, Red Light Beds, Vitamin IV hydration therapy, Functional Movement, Acupuncture?  Or Shamanic Journey Work, Sound Healing, Vortex Healing, or Indian Head Treatments??  No matter what, come expand your professional profile at the award-winning Kansas City Wellness Club! Multiple rooms available to rent (see below for pictures, but know that not pictured is other rooms in the building also available to rent), flexible scheduling, and multiple rental/commission agreement setups are available. Would immediately be able to integrate with the wellness center business that has already won a Best in KC award for Best Day Spa- though we’re much more than a day spa! We are building a natural, more sustainable, more personalized, more fulfilling healthcare approach that improves your health while saving you time and money.  Offsite referral partnerships also available, please inquire.


  • Natural Based Healer
    Room #2


Hair Stylist

31“They told me I could be anything. I want to make people feel beautiful, so I became a Hairstylist.”

How often can you step right in and be a Hair Stylist at the Best Day Spa in the city…in the 1st room of an integrated unique wellness center?!?  We are looking for fun, motivated Hair Stylists, who seek natural-based holistic environments, and enjoy working alongside energetic diverse wellness professionals. Commission & Rental opportunities are available.  View our Job Description HERE, and fill out the form below to apply to become a part of the elite team at the award-winning Kansas City Wellness Club!


Massage Therapist

“Let me dedicate my life today to the care of those who come my way. Let me touch each one with healing hands and the gentle art for which it stands. Let the divine force flow from me to you; let spirit renew. And then tonight, when the day is done, may I rest in peace if I help just one.”

For Social Posts OctoberNovember 2023 (9)To all the Massage Therapists out there- we honor your existence. We know that your services are in demand now more than ever and, more importantly- that the demands on your physical and mental well-being are more important than ever. We want you to know that we respect you, and encourage you to set boundaries with us. We will not overwork you; we will treat you as the divine human that you are.

How often can you step right in and be a Massage Therapist at a place that has already won an award for Best Day Spa in the city, and is a fully integrated holistic wellness center with diverse ranges of transformative services where you can enjoy working alongside energetic, diverse wellness professionals? Feel our difference; we would love to talk to you.




Yoga or Group Fitness Class Instructor

We are currently seeking all mindful instructors wanting to grow their profile & teach classes at a beautiful space in a central location!   Rather than fill out the form below, to apply as a group class instructor and submit a new group fitness class, please click HERE

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Club Ambassador and Club Attendant

Our Club Ambassadors run the Club! They are the pilots that coordinate any operational business needs (i.e., check-ins, check-outs, answering calls, laundry, lockers, flow of guests, etc.) through our central command digital tracking system, lead the execution and status of our opening and closing checklists, and are comfortable speaking to Sales opportunities & discussions with guests to best position the Club for success. Maybe you had/have a reception or sales role but are looking for something you are more passionate about. Our Club Ambassadors have the support of an onsite Operations Manager whom they can escalate to but generally are expected to be empowered, resourceful, proactive, autonomous individuals.

Our Club Attendants work closely with the Club Ambassadors and are their “wingwoman” or “wingman”!  Club Attendants specifically focus on ensuring the cleanliness and function of the club- including organizing our spaces and keeping the space clean & tidy, ensuring lockers are stocked, maintaining laundry operations, guiding client flow, etc. Because they assist the Club Ambassador in all business operations, they become very aware of what it takes to run the Club and can consider this position as a stepping stone to a Club Ambassador position- or even other operations roles that exist within the Club.

All are expected to be agile in that they can shift from one priority to another to take on a daily or weekly business priority that needs tasks (marketing, organizing, research, data entry, etc.) and maintain an upbeat, positive, mindful, and enthusiastic attitude. We reward consistent & excellent performance, so have fun at a sacred and magical place of healing and growth!

Wellness Internship!

The Kansas City Wellness Club offers internships to high school students, college students, and recent graduates. Internship durations and time frames are flexible, and will mostly be based onsite, with limited virtual work options. Our internships are unpaid; however, interns will have the opportunity to network within the professional wellness community and gain insights into business management and operations, providing valuable hands-on industry experience. Interns will also be offered amenity access to the Kansas City Wellness Club, as well as discounts on services and products. We are currently accepting applications, please apply by filling out the form below, and preference will be given to those who email a cover letter and/or resume.