Wellness Services, Energy Healing & Life Coaching in Kansas City

Your spiritual wellness is just as important as your physical wellness. In fact, both are necessary to fulfill your goals for total wellness. We believe that pairing a varied and intelligent yoga program, including Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, with other forms of mindful movement, awakens inner peace and harmony. For us, wellness is not achieved unless both body and mind are experienced as one. Everything begins in the mind: every breath, movement, and action. Participate in our Kansas City fitness classes to embrace the concept of holistic wellness.

Yoga and Group Fitness Classes

At the heart of all our yoga classes are three key tenets: Arising, Abiding, and Dissolving, or moving into, allowing what is, and moving on. Choose from all levels of yoga practice, and rest assured there will be threads of continuity throughout each class. Mindfulness and physical fitness are important factors for fostering robust health and contentment. From beginners yoga to advanced yoga, everyone can join our community of Kansas City yoga practitioners.

Enjoy an aerobic interval workout as you dance to Latin beats in Zumba, and discover all the benefits of Pilates with group mat classes and private Pilates reformer classes, coming soon.

Energy Healing with Reiki and Crystals

Our energy healing allows our Intuitives — those gifted with the ability to perform these healing rituals — to access their own meditative state and enhanced consciousness to receive information to help our clients. This approach to holistic healing helps to restore the balance and energy flow to enhance bodily health and improve mental health. 

Energy healing encompasses many holistic modalities to achieve alignment. Our sessions include the use of healing crystals to align the chakra, Reiki to induce relaxation by releasing emotional and stress-related blockages, and to help bring your soul back to wholeness after suffering a loss or trauma.

Mindful Living with Life Coaching

Free the best version of yourself through our life-coaching program, a holistic approach to managing the stressors and overstimulation of modern-day life. Explore how the seven pillars of life-coaching play a role in your life, acknowledge your present moment, and, with the guidance of our professional coaches, discover how the choices you make next can create a sense of contentment and happiness in your life.

Announce your positive intentions.

Virtual Reality Wellness Practices

Expand your mind or transform your body with virtual reality headsets from Kansas City Wellness Club. Take part in transformative experiences, particularly those currently inaccessible, like meditation in novel natural environments; visiting distant cultural institutions; or playing the role of a scientific pioneer. Virtual reality exercise raises your heart rate with physically-enhanced video gaming. Our headsets also are available for home rental.

Corporate Wellness in Kansas City

Downtown Kansas City business owners seeking healthful transformations for their teams can find everything they need at Kansas City Wellness Club.

Corporate gift cards and gift certificates reward employees for their efforts, while promoting self-care and acknowledging workplace stressors. Group wellness workshops, team-building activities, virtual reality experiences, day spa events, or chair massages in your office or in the meeting spaces at the Kansas City Club enhance your existing wellness programs and offer inclusivity for everyone on your staff.

Facility Rentals and Private Parties

Looking to host an event or private party in a venue that evokes Kansas City history? Rent our 1,000-square foot yoga studio, with ensuite bathroom, PA system with microphones and speakers, and projector capabilities. It’s the perfect location to host your private event for business or leisure.