Corporate Wellness

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To businesses of all types…apartment complexes…and hotels:

Let us help YOU take care of THEM. 

We can make it easy with our Corporate Wellness Programs, and specifically on Chair Massages can give you a great Intro Special Rate to show you how confident we are in impressing you.  We launched just 2 months before CV shut the world down, but we pride ourselves on helping people through stressful times and guiding those seeking natural and holistic pathways to better spaces. 

What businesses who have chosen to collaborate with us before have done, and the benefits to your organization:

  • Corporate Gifts Cards and Certificates, used as rewards and incentives for employees (Employee of the Month, Top Performers).
  • Chair Massage sessions, or Yoga group fitness classes.  You can also request certain services or focus areas (Life Coaches, Energy Healers, Yoga and Stretching instructors, Skin Care experts on facials & body treatments, organic Hair Care, etc)
  • Onsite Classes, Workshops, Wellness Talks, Lunch n Learn, or Power Hour education or motivational presentations on topics such as modern stress triggers and simplification, the importance of mindfulness and wide range awareness, and planet sustainability within body sustainability.  We focus on modern day guidance/perspective towards next age sustainable living, that focuses on our core principles of:  Freedom, Self Sufficiency (body, planet, natural, organic), Courage/Initiative, and Unity.
  • Social Wellness Nights or Wellness Happy Hours at the Wellness Club.  We continue to get reached out to more and more for private/corporate parties & events of all kinds…businesses, apartment complexes, doctor/dental groups, we even recently hosted 150+ women from a sorority at the University of Kansas.  We have also taken our show on the road before for some great events, see above for some pictures.
  • Set up deals to buy bulk memberships, or get their employees/residents to get a % off of memberships. Give that special gift of relaxation and health and renew your hard working, stressed out employees.
  • Position yourself strongly as an employer that genuinely supports improved health for your employees
  • Wellness programs often produce results of people feeling more alert, being more present in the moment, therefore having increased productivity, with enhanced consistency- all of which will offer more towards the success of your business.


Other low impact ways that we would love for you to:

  • Simply send out a message telling your employees/residents that we exist  🙂
  • If you are responsible for employee wellness at your workplace, come visit the Club and check out the place for yourself- we would love to treat you and put a great foot forward! 
  • Check out our reviews online (HERE) to watch and see how people feel at the Kansas City Wellness Club
  • Sponsor or send out communications when we hold special events that may interest you.
  • Spread the word…if you know of another person or organization who could be interested in this, please send them our info or reach out.  Thank you!

Just fill out our quick Contact us form to tell us what you would like, and we will follow up to discuss how we can help your team rise above modern day challenges and benefit you and your business with optimal health.