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Transformative experiences are a core principle of Kansas City Wellness Club, and meditation and mindful expansion make you healthier and more focused. Enter Virtual Reality! Your fresh immersive portal to go outside your current confined surroundings, which will boost your spirits, raise your energy and consciousness level above others, and live out new experiences that you have only ever dreamt of. Start your day with meditation on top of the clouds looking at the sunrise, on a remote sunny beach, in the middle of giant redwood trees, or at an ancient mystical remote temple! We built Virtual Reality (VR) into our wellness programming and event space offerings, in order to be at the forefront of the new interface for lifestyle engagement. Is the curious, active, or adventurous side of you missing the ability to explore new places and activities? We have a VR meditation room that allows guests to be transported out into any number of nature scenes for meditation or stress management. We also allow guests to use them during massages for a more immersive experience or coaching sessions for calming or educational purposes. Read more below about the benefits of Virtual Reality.

Experiences available include:

  • meditation, stress management: be on top of a mountain, at a remote beach, redwood forest, lush jungle
  • entertainment: stroll through museums, be front row at concerts or sporting events
  • educational opportunities: float out in space with the NASA crew on the space station, look around and discover the human body
  • cardio exercise: Use our Fitness Studio and get a fun workout in by going boxing vs of the Rocky characters, light saber gaming, ping pong, or dancing or other physical movement transformational experiences.

*Note: All VR sessions come included with all Wellness Club full service purchases and memberships

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Virtual Reality is already being used in many industries beyond gaming, for real life education and calming purposes and objectives such as: meditation, mindfulness, fitness, stress relief, overcoming fears/phobias/depression/anxiety including PTSD, virtual travel, medical education, nutrition information, and health literacy around understanding anatomy and the human body. Doctors are using VR to practice surgeries, teach families about complicated medical treatments, and to distract patients from unpleasant or painful procedures. Applications are starting to allow users to see and understand how their facial expressions contribute to their conversations and relationships. Eventually it will be commonplace to see training programs for healthy cooking simulations, sporting or body movement intelligence techniques, how to react during life threatening situations, simulating potential home improvement jobs, picking out food from local farmers, be able to travel to the moon, explore deep sea wrecks, virtually network and collaborate on projects, or just hang out with those too far away. As the technology improves, these experiences are going to feel more real, and provide far more value. At the Wellness Club, we also have a stationary bike where you can bike anywhere in the world (like the coast of Ireland, the 101 down California, or the bank of the Hudson River across from Manhattan).