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Holistic Guidance & Support

Our exclusive coaching program focuses on modern day stressors- feeling so “busy” all the time, overwhelmed, stuck going through the motions in life, etc.  We serve as a personal development vehicle to become your best self, to make your life easier, and to enjoy it more fully & vividly along the journey.

We know that there’s a lot of noisy distractions out there, we will simplify it, help you enhance the path to your optimal health in the simplest, most supportive, energizing, and educational way.  It is a mindfulness-based approach to help you become the best version of yourself, enhance your self-awareness, help you step into your personal power, and guide you into next age localized sustainable living. We explore your current perspectives on Mindful, Nutritional, Physical, Spiritual, Social, Financial, and Environmental health, then your coach provides guidance and information by advocating for you and the area(s) you feel you have the most room & desire for growth, along with proactive guidance on how to increase your resiliency by strengthening your immune system and learning how to incorporate more locally sourced natural based solutions to achieve a healthier body, a healthier community, and a healthier planet.  Your coach will recommend and work with you on your action plan, empower you in goal setting to reach each milestone towards your goal, and follow up with you at timeframes and settings that work best for you.


Through our program, you will be unleashed to be the best version of yourself no matter the situation, environment, or surroundings.


This spa is a hidden gem. I experienced a massage, facial, Reiki energy healing, life coaching, and Zen yoga. What a healing experience to have a my whole self taken care of.


Single Coaching session

Our 7 pillar Coaching program is included in ALL our Signature memberships, however we also offer more traditional counseling sessions for targeted concerns of yours and/or those you care about. We accept you. We are truly are here to meet you where you are.

60-minute session | $109


Hypnotherapy is a natural process, and we enter the state every day! It looks like the heightened focus on a particular theme, subject, or object. How about the time you got lost reading your book, a movie that took you in? It’s a state of awareness, and nothing else matters for the time being. Of course, you can open your eyes anytime you want or need to. Hypnotherapy is that dreamy, fluffy state right before you fall asleep!

We can facilitate that state with a story – where will you go?
A beach scene, a mountain top, a park, your backyard?

Once you are well into your session, we implement positive suggestions such as confidence, motivation, or a new empowering habit. We can implement suggestions to delete an old habit, for example, smoking, mindless eating, and snacking. Hypnotherapy can heal old wounds, forgive and co-create a new program. We use the trance state to amplify your gifts and talents so that you can SHINE!

Disclaimer: Please do not hesitate to proactively ask any questions about the process or session, because if you are not open to receiving suggestions during your session, then Hypnotherapy may not be right for you. Also, be mindful that multiple sessions may be needed to address deeply rooted habits.

60-min session | $120

Why choose a Coach? Hear from former CEO & Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt: “My advice to you is to have a coach. A coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. They have to watch you and get you to be your best. A coach is somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes, describes it to you in his or her words [using their professional experience & knowledge], and discusses how to approach the problem and available solutions to put into practice. Once I realized I could trust my coach and that he could help me with perspective, I decided this was a great idea.


Wellness Club 7 Coaching Pillars

Give us 4-8 months of a Signature membership with our Coaching program, and we will guide you to the best version of yourself via next age sustainable living.


The practice of being mindful— maintaining a non-judgmental state of complete awareness of one’s thoughts and movement on a moment-to-moment basis— will help you manage your life more skillfully and inspire optimal productivity. Being mindful is something anyone can do at any time and those who practice mindfulness have greater control over stress and anxiety, with less brain clutter, more energy, clarity, perspective, and ability to remain calm throughout the day. The physiological benefits of reduced stress include lower blood pressure, better pain management, more healthy and vibrant looking skin, better sleep, and fewer gastrointestinal difficulties.

By maintaining focus on the present, and not insisting on preconceived outcomes or prejudices, a mindful person can be deliberate with their actions and better navigate challenging situations through creativity and personal growth- thereby avoid repeating past mistakes when disruptions occur in your life. This allows you to get the most enjoyment out of each moment, which will inspire you to better prioritize your (seemingly endless) task list, achieve a more fulfilling work-life balance, and strategically allocate your (finite) time management. When you are better managing your time, are more aware of how your priorities fit into your time schedule, and are incorporating stress reduction and relaxation techniques, you will better manage your life with seemingly more time and satisfaction towards what you most desire.


Just like exercise, we usually hear this component mentioned often as doctors have preached a better “diet” as the main pathway to better health for a long long time. But we all know there are problems with the word “diet”, and also have seen and heard enough how certain programs work for some and not for others. Therefore it’s true again that there deserves to be more thought and guidance put into a nutrition assessment that works best for your personal situation. We will discuss with you the best way to both assess, track, and manage your food intake and needs. We will help you to be more tuned in and aware of the cause and effect of eating certain foods.  Through our guidance, you will learn how to save time preparing food so that you get the most out of your fresh food and spend as little of time as possible throughout the week on your meals.



We usually hear exercise mentioned as a healthy path forward. For many years, doctors have preached “diet & exercise” as the main pathway to better health. And while it’s true that any exercise is better than no exercise, there deserves to be more thought and guidance put into an exercise plan that would work best for your personal situation. How exercise can be incorporated into your existing lifestyle, especially in fun ways aligned with your hobbies & interests & physical needs. We will truly examine what type of movement appeals to you given the context of your lifestyle: walking, running, yoga, core stretching and toning, swimming, and even movement-based gaming or Virtual Reality simulation- the opportunities are limitless. We will then help you design the best plan, and then encourage you take the first step towards a more physically active life. Be grateful you can start now from where you are at in your life. We will meet you there.



We are connected to everything around us. Even in the middle of your heartbeats- the “bottom” or “still” moments on a waveform EKG monitor- your body is still sending out electromagnetic vibrations to all that which is around you. No matter our race, our nationality, or the color of our skin, we share in so many similarities. By almost a factor of 10 to 1, we share more with every other human soul…than we do differ with them on. We all need food, shelter, clothing. We all desire acceptance, kindness, a sense of belonging. Those fundamental elements that unite us are called universal truths. The Kansas City Wellness Club operates within those universal truths, and offers you guidance, programs and availability to tap into your space that allows you to grow spiritually and expand into the vastness of your higher existence. We would love to be a part of your journey to experience a stronger connection to your Higher Consciousness, Divine Spirit, Holy Breath – however you define your higher power. Our heart opens when yours does. Let it begin with you.



Our natural abilities shine the brightest when we are around a supportive environment. Acknowledge who you are hanging out with in your relationships, and the environment they create. Do they support you in your hobbies, interests, and talents? Your creative intentions are one of the most natural, healthy, and beneficial treatments for wellness progression. We all have our own unique talents and interests. What are you tolerating right now that is keeping you from your creative intentions and living your best life? We now live in an instant gratification world, full of information overload and constant distraction. Many people only have patience for quick interactions. We will help you explore your social interactions, from people to places to how much you watch and let the news play on your daily emotions and feelings. Remember, we judge others by their actions; yet we judge ourselves by our intentions. Removing judgment from our lives can have such a liberating effect.

Technology in the form of cell phones, apps, and the internet are so new to the human race. Cell phones, the internet, and technology in general are supposed to help you enable a concentration of convenience to live your life. How well do you achieve this? We will guide you on simple ways that you can counteract the negative effects of social media and technology. By maintaining focus on what matters most to you, and acknowledging your finite time, and honoring your life priorities, you will look at technology and social media differently. You will master control of these forces and more firmly ensure that technology obeys YOUR needs and YOUR schedule, and not the other way around.



How do you feel about money, working for money, and having a budget for money? Are you comfortable talking about it? Are you confident in your knowledge of where all your money goes? What is your personal story about money- what did you hear when you were growing up at home? Whether or not that paradigm served your family well, we will perform strategic household and budget counseling to guide you in simple budget analysis, the basic cashflow themes, and help you engage with financial tracking tools to help you feel more comfortable with it, reduce stress, and maybe even find ways to save you some money. Don’t be afraid- know that money is a frequency that can be reprogrammed if need be.


The surroundings at your home and how you treat your home is vital to your wellness journey. No wellness journey is whole without consideration of our planet. Your home, and your possessions, are all a part of this planet. Does your environment reflect your personal identity of peace, abundance and joy? Our planet, and your actions towards it, ingrain in you either a sense of belonging, or a sense of detachment. Choosing to live your life detached from the needs of the planet will place a ceiling on your personal growth, as higher forms of consciousness can only be reached through unity and oneness with the earth that we walk on, that we eat from, and that we breath in. The Wellness Club wants to make this awareness and these connections easy on you. We will assist you in assessing your environmental footprint and both discover and share simple ways that you can make different choices that will benefit the planet’s health, your health, and your home’s health. The Wellness Club wants to learn from you too, and hear ways we can become more environmentally friendly! Did you also know we have incentives available if your transportation to/from the club uses low/zero emission methods like walking, biking, rail/streetcar, bus, or electric vehicle?