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Current Promotions and Upcoming Events at the Club

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Our Discovery Showcase is an introductory special opportunity for local residents where you get to try out multiple wellness services at a huge discount, we give you a personal discovery tour of the Club, talk to you about what’s going on in each room/space along with our mission & vision, as well as a Wellness Life Checkup where we can discover more about your wellness journey, wellness goals, and work with you to develop a Wellness Club plan to help you achieve those goals- whether that be through membership or other discounted plans.  *UPDATE:  We are currently working on exciting updates to this intro special, to ensure we are meeting exactly what you and the Kansas City community needs right now.  Until then, we are pausing Discovery Showcases, but still would be more than happy to give you a tour of the place if you’d like.  More info coming soon in February, so please stay tuned…

Referral Program (social Media)

Tell your friends & family, as it now pays BIG to refer…

Do you want to be rewarded when you get your friends or family members to the Wellness Club for the first time?  We have now updated our Referral Program to give you a $20 credit for every new guest who comes to the Wellness Club and says YOU were the ones that referred them!  The new guest will receive 20% off their first visit.  Just tell them to mention your name when booking and checking in, and thank YOU for the word-of-mouth love!

*Referral discount does not apply to Discovery Showcase visits (as you already receive a better deal!) or Yoga Classes (use our 1st class half off special instead!).

*Referrer credit cannot be gained from group parties, nor used on invoices less than $20.  Referrer account credit gets activated after the Referral’s checkout process.

MEMBERS ONLY- if you are a member and the person you referred becomes a member on their 1st visit, you got a complimentary 60min Signature massage coming your way!

Group Class Schedule (Social Media)

Half Off Your First Group Class!

First timers, get their first class half off  – that is $5 to drop in.

To learn more about our classes, click HERE




fun immersive club packages!

The Wellness Club’s full benefits are realized when you experience more than one service during your visit. Our packages are built as immersive, unique experiences that best showcase the diversity of the Wellness Club and provide you with exciting options. These make perfect kind gifts for friends or family members, as we know it is a very kind caring act these days to give the gift of good health! All packages include the use of our spa amenities. Treat yourself and have some fun at the award-winning Kansas City Wellness Club by clicking HERE for more info.

Everyday Promotions you can count on!

  • “3 for the Earth and Sea” Get here emissions-free, and get 3% off your visit.
  • Serving Our HEROS: Law Enforcement, firefighters, emergency, and medical professionals receive 5% off their visit.
  • University of Iowa Alumni receive 15% off their visit if they can answer a few Hawkeye questions.  *Not applicable with other promotions
  • Ask the front desk what the Product of the Week is for big discounts on skincare and haircare products.