“I just always want to be in this place….I never want to leave.”  ~Shaina

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5-star Written Reviews:

“If it gave me the option to choose 10 stars, I would in a heartbeat! I cant explain the experience I have had at the KC Wellness Club….The atmosphere of this place is nothing short of perfection. I have a hard time dealing with anxiety and let me tell you–I have been wanting to just ‘drop-by’ and walk around so I can get that feeling of peace and well-being. With everything going on in the world at this time, I would HIGHLY recommend the KC Wellness Club. No medicine will ever compare to the experience I had with this place” ~Molly

“KC Wellness Club is the greatest place to find you where YOU are, and help you achieve optimal wellness, both internally and externally. The people that work there genuinely care about your journey and work with each other to build upon different experiences. Becoming a member here was a major leap of faith for me to work through some deep inner turmoil, and everything from energy healing and massage to a hair trim always have me leaving the Club feeling better than how I came in. The space itself and the healers who care for you are so welcoming, patient, and kind.” ~Stevie

“I am OBESSED with KC Wellness Club. If you are looking for a spa that actually cares and knows how to heal from the inside out–look no further…..Each of my treatments were amazing and unlike treatments I had received anywhere before. Each of the team members are energy healers and take care of YOU and not just your face, hair, etc…I know at this point you’re thinking, this sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t!!” ~Hope

“I am well seasoned in what I want out of my spa experience. This Tops anything I have ever experienced. The programming from service to service was smooth and everyone was so professional and you could tell truly wanted to be there. The culture I noticed is pretty amazing too, the staff all smiles. That’s always nice to see and feel. I have never seen so many diff services under one roof, whereas I was able to workout , hit the steam room, Reiki session, massage and facial and to top it off with a scalp treatment and haircut. Top notch!” ~Ashton

“Quickly after signing up for the Kansas City Wellness Club I referred my partner as well to start their wellness journey along with this community. Every service I’ve experienced so far (massage, life coaching, and hair services) are spectacular. The fitness center is a huge perk, and feels so much more comfortable and private and healing than a regular gym. Can’t wait to continue my journey with this crew!” ~Rebecca

“So thankful to have found this gem in Kansas City! We recently moved from Denver, and have found a wonderful community here through the Wellness Club. So much under one roof, it’s truly amazing all the holistic services offered for such a great price.” ~Jennifer

“If you’re in the Kansas City area and are passionate about your quality of life, health, and happiness, then the Kansas City wellness club and their entire experience is definitely something you need to experience. This wholistic environment and the staff that help create it is worth every penny. I’ll be a member by the time this is uploaded. They’ve made a friend and a customer for life!” ~Reece

“One of the best places and experiences in KC! Thank you for all your hard work guys!” ~Roman

“Nothing but good things to say about the staff, services, and facility at KC Wellness Club. Invest in yourself.” ~Robert

“Lovely spa treatments with true wellness in mind!” ~Victoria

“Wonderful people, and a first-class environment. I can’t say enough good things about this business, and I rarely give internet reviews.” ~Kevin

“Experts in wellness! They take care of everything down to the parking meter. The staff is incredibly friendly and attentive. The services and amenities offered are so beneficial and I want to keep going back for more!” ~Jessica

“This spa is a hidden gem. I experienced a massage, facial, Reiki, life coaching, and Zen yoga. What a healing experience to have a my whole self taken care of.” ~Jane

“Love and compassion is what you will experience from the people who work here. A passion for helping you overcome health issues, destress and detoxify. Give this place a try you will not regret it!” ~Gary

“It’s more than self care. It’s a time to stop all the busyness and commotion. Lovely services.” ~Jellie

“Such a cute spot with a great vibe! If you’re on a wellness or spiritual journey you definitely want to check it out. They have super affordable monthly memberships if you’re looking for something ongoing. 10/10 recommend” ~Kait

“Royal treatment. Well worth the cost. Beautiful place. Loved how well they treated not only my daughter but me also while I waited. Clean. Excellent massage therapist. Steam room. Sauna. Vr meditation room was wonderful also. Hospitable and welcoming. We will be back.” ~Erica

“Top notch service!! Good energy and great friendly staff. The owner is deeply conscious of the effect that all of his products have on the environment and has maintained that level of integrity in the spa- completely green and sustainable!!!!” ~Colleen
“Extraordinary!” ~Catherine

“This spa is a hidden gem. I experienced a massage, facial, Reiki, life coaching, and Zen yoga. What a healing experience to have a my whole self taken care of.” ~Jane

“Before coming to the KC Wellness Club, I was having a hard time finding balance between my personal and professional life. The anxiety of work and meeting new people while obtain positive life experiences was really weighing on me. The staff and owner of KC Wellness Club changed all of that by offering a place where you can both practice spiritual healing and exercise a healthier lifestyle. Besides losing 40 pounds over six months, I’ve gained friendships and spiritual balance that will continue growing, and I’ve realized that my anxiety is gone and I look at the world in a more positive light.” ~Jeff

“I discovered this gem 2 months ago during a business trip. Every time I am in KC I visit them for massage therapy, Reiki and hair cuts. The staff is welcoming and accommodating to my impromptu visits. I’m always looking forward to visit them during my business trips.” ~Juan Carlos

“I was so excited when I found KC Wellness Club. My previous studio had closed, and I had been looking for several months, I had several classes at other locations, not only was this very frustrating, but those just weren’t for me. From the moment I walked in the door and met the staff and saw the room and took my first class this was home! I have met some wonderful people through these classes and the club itself. Now every week I know where I’ll be to continue my healthy mind and body journey. Thanks KC Wellness Club!” ~Julie

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