Men’s Health awareness month is in June, and as we close out this month and move into the next, I want to provide some insight and encouragement on men’s health awareness- total awareness of body, mind, and soul.  Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr Jay Goodbinder of the Epigentics Healing Center and discuss what we think of when it comes to men’s health, what’s important, what health aspects we are working on in their lives, and how our businesses market towards the men in our community.  Below I am going to discuss some highlights and context from that discussion, and you can feel free to watch the full video here.

Both I and Dr Goodbinder opened our businesses fully expecting that our businesses would primarily appeal to the female demographics in our area, but being males ourselves, both felt very strongly and diligently on how we can ensure that we appeal to the male demographics as well.  As a man, I interpret my role to be very purpose-driven, and mission-oriented.  During these challenging times, it is understandable to feel lost, confused, and maybe even vulnerable.  During this process- whether you recognize it or not- it is possible that you have developed some apathy towards certain aspects of your health- to take them for granted. When I think of Men’s Health Awareness, I think of removing any apathy when it comes to your health.

I will relate to that apathy.  As a business owner of a business with 10+ revenue streams, it has been quite daunting for me.  I have taken my health for granted- whether it be exercise, solid regular sleep, or being able to kindly handle the setbacks that occur when one starts their own business.  There are times when I think the health of my business is more important than the health of myself.  I have been forced to confront that my health is directly related to the health of my business- they are one in the same.  I have worked a lot on my inward treatment (“self talk”) during challenges or after mistakes, as well as perpetually working on smarter prioritization and time management.  I have learned a whole lot on how one’s health needs to be maintained during life’s transitions.  I have learned the importance of objectively treating myself the same way I would treat someone else if they came to me with a challenge or mistake- by offering the best of my kindness, support, and encouragement.  Certainly easier said than done…but most definitely worth the effort!  (and having access to world class wellness services here at the Wellness Club like life coaching, energy healing, fitness studio, and a meditative Sauna and Steam Bath certainly helps!)

What HAS been encouraging for me throughout my wellness journey as a male has been how much it has become apparent to me that good health can be- and is most effectively- achieved by “keeping it simple”.  Men don’t like complexity; we often quickly gravitate away from those environments.  I can assure you that you do not need to overcomplicate what your perception is on the effort to achieve ‘good health’.  If you Eat Well + Move Well + Think Well…that will = you Feeling Well & Acting Well.  Pretty simple, right?  Yet in practice it is so hard to persistently focus through those lens- especially recently given the health crisis we have been in.  Look, there’s a lot of risks that you’ll face in your life- whether it’s CV, or any of the other flu strains in the last 20 years, or ever-present bacteria, or bug bites, or diabetes, or depression, or any number of risks… how do you protect yourself against them all?

By lowering and stabilizing your risk levels.  By seeking and maintaining proactive optimal health.  That is the only sustainable long term solution to protect yourself.

Stress is obviously a very prominent health risk.  Before you can manage your stress triggers, you need to know what they are.  Men do not normally stop and think about those things.  We may not notice or acknowledge them, yet that does not mean that they are not there. They do exist, and at its core, you probably have around 5 or so- a handful or two at the most. So first identify and acknowledge them…then once you have done that, notice how you feel after your normal reaction to those stress triggers. Do you feel better after your reaction? Do you have more positive energy? Do you feel healthier?  Probably not, so simply start working on different responses to those stress triggers as they arise.  It will not happen overnight, it will take a while.  The best piece of advice I live by when recognizing a stress trigger is to just approach it in a sequential way of: 





Stop for just a moment, for a few minutes- whatever.  Just pause.  Then Breathe.  Ideally a few conscious breaths, but at least one big breath.  Then Reflect.  How did that stress trigger make me feel?  What responses do I know do NOT work?  Choose alternate responses.  Respond with confidence and renewed energy.  😊

I want to end on an empowering note.  We are turning the page on June and entering July, which means the 4th of July independence celebration will be occurring.  We also had another independence holiday become official this year- Juneteenth.  I bring these up in the context of sovereignty and independence.  You may not, and do not need to possess the most masculinity or testosterone around.  Do not be ashamed or guilty if you resonate with feeling that way.  But what all males DO need to have- what is so crucial to the male role is independence sovereignty over your own mind, over your own body.  Do not allow external influences like news, or social media, or lower vibration friends/family members to unknowingly infiltrate your independent sovereignty.  I assure you they are trying- their business models or their ego depend on it.  You ultimately are responsible for how you think, for your choices, and of course for your health.

Stay strong.  Stay conscious.  You can do this men.

Heath Wessling

Founder & Owner, Kansas City Wellness Club

The Kansas City Wellness Club is a natural and eco-friendly wellness fitness center, spa, salon, yoga studio, and event space whose core principles reside in holistic health, beautification, information discovery, and traditional time-tested treatments.  We have everything wellness related in one location to save you time and money.  We offer many services & offerings that appeal to men, including by not limited to:  weightlifting; exercising on machines or circuit training or in Virtual Reality; stretching on stability balls- or even as an exercise; of course massage therapy; Sauna/Steam Bath sessions; skin care and a lesser known secret on how not to get sunburnt; and finally even proudly boast access to the Kansas City Club Lounge which was recently nominated for Best Bachelor Party Venues in all of KC.