2020 sure wasn’t what we thought it would be but we can use our collective experience to self-reflect, really dig into what is important to us and set goals as we look ahead to 2021. 

Recently, we sat down with Kansas City Wellness Club Life Coach, Andy Amborn, to talk about goals and setting yourself up for success. Andy is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Financial Wellness Coach. With his passion for life and genuine ability to inspire, influence and impact those he works with, Andy helps you find balance in your life, focus on the seven core pillars of wellness and begin (or continue along) your journey to becoming the best version of yourself possible.  

Andy, how do you develop goals for yourself?

For myself, personally, goals provide personal self-awareness and mental clarity in areas of my life that I want to improve or have desire for growth. I write my goals down so I can see them every day and I share my goals with those closest to me to create accountability. I am realistic with the timing of big goals and break them down into smaller milestones so that I can celebrate my successes along the way. 


What helps you stay focused on what you set out to achieve, in regards to your goals?

I like to start by creating good habits that will help me achieve my goals and keep me on track:

• I do my very best to wake up every day with a positive attitude and talk to myself in a loving way via positive affirmations. 

• At the end of each week, I like to do a check in to see how I did. I think I, like so many others, am too hard on myself sometimes. It’s important to see that even if I missed a day of meditation or workout, it’s ok. The weekly check-in lets me see where I was successful, where I have opportunity for improvement and helps me stay focused on the bigger picture. 

• I also do a monthly check-in / goal review to see where I am at with my goals, what adjustments I need to make to stay on track and what successes I should be celebrating. 

• Understanding frequency and energy is crucial to personal development and success. I do my best to keep my vibrations very high. I feel that the space here at the KC Wellness Club is very sacred and I am honored to be sharing my soul purpose in life by serving this community. Acknowledging both the divine masculine & feminine energy within, I do relate to women but I know my passion and purpose is to wake men up to wellness. Keeping our vibration very high is what the world needs, what people need – our society, our coworkers, our family. By spreading light and positivity and showing others how to do the same, I am living purposefully, achieving my goals and sharing my gifts with the world. 

o Us internally, to keep our vibrations high, we have to drink lots of water, get lots of rest, eat more plant based.

• Physical wellness plays a big part in helping me achieve my goals. I exercise regularly, drink lots of water, get lots of rest, eat a plant-based diet and spread joy wherever possible. 

As a coach, how do you support your clients in setting goals and staying focused on achieving those goals?

My job is to be the gateway to help my clients create a plan that will best serve them to meet their goals and objectives. Setting goals is going to be different and customized based on each member at the club; everything is based on what’s important to them and where are those areas that they want growth to happen. Together, we discuss if their goals are career related, personal development related in regards to physical wellness, etc.  We look at the time frame for goals and realistically set expectations, i.e. is this a 1 month goal or a 6 month goal. As a coach, I also hold each of my clients accountable. I check in with them regularly, remind them not to be too hard on themselves and that it is ok to have 1, 2, 3 or even 4 days where they weren’t the best version of themselves. The important thing for everyone to remember is that tomorrow is another day to wake up and use your positive affirmations to start the day anew. 

I teach my clients to talk to themselves with love and find what keeps them truly motivated, because everyone is different. I’m a list maker, it helps me feel accomplished to see items on my list checked off and it keeps me motivated, but not everyone will resonate with that so it’s my job to help people find what motivates them. 

One thing that is true for everyone is that it is imperative to surround yourself with people you align with, as far as energy/goals/self-motivation/etc. I would say, if we are looking at your inner circle and there is a lot of low vibrational energy, like substance abuse or a general lack of motivation, but your mindset is “Hey, I want to heal and become healthy to be a better version of myself” then a coach is definitely worth looking into because you are purposefully putting someone on your life path with you that is equally committed to your goals and success. Having an understanding of frequency and energy and who you keep in your circle is so important. 

As a certified Reiki practitioner and using my intuition, I enjoy reading the energy of clients or guests and using this energetic information to give people new tools for success. For example, some members have very high energy where they may be feeling overwhelmed because there is a lot happening and they are constantly thinking/planning/etc.. When I see this, I can help ground these clients by leading them through some relaxing breathing exercises and giving them copper to hold, which is excellent for grounding our busy minds, balancing the energy within our bodies, and replacing lost energy with energy from the earth. On the other hand, a lot clients, men especially, are very grounded and need help raising their vibration a bit through mediation, quieting of the busy brain and even utilizing other resources here at the club like the Oculus VR headsets for a true immersive meditative experience to calm the brain and relax so that we can then we can focus on their goals and objectives. 

Interested in meeting with Andy to set some personal or professional goals for 2021? 


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