Pamper Your Hair by Using Quality Organic Hair Products

Consciously making healthier choices for your body and the environment is one of the most important steps to take when pursuing holistic health. While improving your diet and making ethical decisions about the food you eat are two obvious ways to do so, often people forget about the products you don’t necessarily ingest: your hygiene products.

Organic hair care products are an easy place to start when transitioning your beauty routine to one that is more holistically healthy. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using organic hair products, just like the ones we use in our hair salon in downtown Kansas City.

Organic Hair Products are Better for The Environment

Sustainability is important to us, and we hope it’s important to you too. We believe it takes all of us to collectively create a healthier planet by starting with sustainability in our communities and every day lives. At the Kansas City Wellness Club, we’re dedicated to living in a sustainable way every day because we know it’s important for the health of our children and the generations that will follow. We are proud to use only all-natural products and to provide low or zero-waste wellness services to our clients.

All-natural and organic products are not only important because they are sustainable, but also because using them prevents chemicals from making their way into our environment and ecosystems. How does that work, you ask? When you use beauty and hair products that contain chemicals, the excess chemicals that aren’t absorbed into your hair and skin are then washed down the drain, where they enter into our water systems and soil, causing contamination. You can avoid causing this unnecessary harm to the environment by simply choosing organic salon hair products at home and when you get your hair cut! By choosing to use organic products you will also help support sustainable agriculture, since the ingredients used to make the products are harvested through organic farming methods.

Organic Beauty Products are Gentler on Your Skin

It’s important to treat our hair and skin well. Many conventional beauty products that are on the market today contain harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients. These chemicals and artificial ingredients are harmful to your body and the earth, and can irritate your scalp and skin. Some people can have very severe reactions to these products, too.

Here at the Kansas City Wellness Club, we believe in using only chemical-free, botanical-based processes, which is why we use only natural and organic products for every hair salon service we provide. Unlike mainstream beauty products, organic hair products contain natural ingredients such as essential oils, proteins, vitamins, and fruit extracts. These ingredients are gentle on skin and great for people who have allergies or are prone to skin or scalp irritation. Our talented stylists apply these organic products and hair treatments using non-invasive, mindful methods that are kind to your hair and scalp.

Natural Hair Products Promote Overall Health

We mentioned previously that traditional products contain chemicals that can get absorbed into your hair and skin – but did you know that your skin can absorb an estimated 60% of whatever you put on it? When you choose to use products with synthetic ingredients, you’re taking the risk that those artificial ingredients will seep into your body, which can be detrimental to your health. When you choose to use organic and natural hair care products instead, you eliminate the possibility of unnecessary chemical ingestion.

At our hair salon in downtown Kansas City, located inside the historic Kansas City Club, we want you to experience hair wellness every day with our amazing, organic hair products from Simply Organic (and Naturopathica for esthetics services). Step into our tranquil environment to experience our spa and salon services with one of our talented Kansas City hair stylists who will nourish your hair from the inside out. They will not only pamper your locks and scalp with our organic salon hair products, but they will teach you how to protect your hair from daily stressors that can take a toll. Our stylists are experienced in chemical-free services, have extensive product knowledge, and can offer you a wide range of advice and treatments.

Why We Carry Simply Organic Products in our Kansas City Hair Salon

Simply Organic Beauty is strongly aligned with our beliefs of protecting the planet and enhancing your own health. In providing salon hair care to the Kansas City community, we strive to engage with people and encourage them to live more naturally and sustainably through our salon products.

Simply Organic Beauty has a similar mission to make a positive difference in the hairdressing community. They feel as a company, that they have a responsibility to the profession, and the world, to live in the most eco-friendly and sustainable way possible – and we couldn’t agree more. Their mission is to, “change salons for the better by providing safer, natural beauty products that perform to the highest professional standards.” They provide us with superior organic products that give our clients a wonderful salon experience, as well as healthy hair and amazing long-lasting results that they can continue to experience at home.

About Simply Organic Products

The Simply Organic hair care system is formulated with the most effective and safe ingredients available, to achieve and maintain healthy-looking hair using natural hair products. Simply Organic understands that what goes on your scalp and skin is just as important to your health and wellness as what you put in your mouth to eat. Their products don’t contain any of the harsh and harmful chemicals found in traditional salon products. Instead, they contain certified organic ingredients, rich nutrients, amino acids, and essential oils.

Many conventional products contain questionable ingredients that are cheap and easy to produce. These ingredients create the appearance of shiny, healthy hair, but in the long run they lead to health problems, like a sore or flaky scalp, and hair in serious need of clarifying. When you use Simply Organic, your hair is actually healthy. Healthy hair is beautiful hair, and any short-term positive results you may see with conventional products, don’t outweigh the long-term negative consequences.

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