Summer has arrived and we are here for it, ready to show up with bright bare skinned faces! Trips to the lake, picnics in the park and road trips galore! So, after wearing face coverings for more than a year and several months, let’s make sure we are taking really good care of our skin – after all, face to face contact is the new handshake and first impressions count!

With the warm weather and sunshine, also comes a whole new set of skin issues. Goodbye dry skin, hello sweat and shine. Just fifteen minutes too long lounging poolside and you might end up slighted more roasted than expected! With sun damage, also comes dark spots and discoloration that can appear years after initial exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays.

Holistic Skincare in the Midwest

Since opening the Kansas City Wellness Club in 2019, we have committed to carrying only the most natural, safe and effective products for your skin. Allow us to reintroduce you to our premium skincare line from Naturopathica – Naturopathica was founded on the belief that herbalism, naturopathic medicine, and holistic wellness should be coupled with cutting edge science to offer deeper beauty to all. 

Barbara Close is the stunning brains and beauty behind the vision for Naturopathica. Inspired by childhood visits to apothecaries with her aunt in France, Barbara embarked on an exploration of natural healing at an early age. Barbara now holds a Master’s degree in Therapeutic Herbalism and credentials in esthetics, advanced massage and aromatherapy. 

Featured in a recent interview from the popular lifestyle website, Byrdie, Barbara gives her recommendations for the best ways to treat common issues related to sun exposure and summertime activity.

Sunburn Relief in a Soothing Spray

According to Barbara, an oat bath is actually one of the most effective treatments for sunburn and inflammation. “Oats contain oat beta-glucan, which forms a film to help the skin attract and retain moisture and also has anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe redness, sun-sensitivity and irritation,” she says.

For a sunburned face, Barbara  says to choose a soothing and hydrating facial mist, like Naturopathica’s Oat & Calendula Soothing Jelly Mist ($34). This wonderfully hydrating product combines naturally soothing oat and calendula with ultra hydrating hyaluronic acid for a lovely cooling mist you can throw in your purse, or use as part of your regular skincare routine. 

“Although they seem like a refreshing add-on, face mists are one of the most important steps in a healthy skincare routine. After cleansing, they help to tone and rebalance the pH of the skin, allowing your treatments (serum, moisturizer, eye cream, etc.) to penetrate more effectively,” Barbara recommends.

Summer Skin Tips:

Discoloration and Treatment for Sun Spots

Our estheticians would agree that the best way to prevent sun damage is to wear sunscreen. Even those sunny days outdoors that do not result in a sunburn or immediate signs of damage, can appear mid-20s and 30s, according to Barbara. Sun damage can appear in the form of hyperpigmentation and even broken capillaries visible on the surface of the skin.

In order to address discoloration that has already occurred, you’ll want to rely on an exfoliant to brush or scrub away dead skin cells, revealing a healthy and undamaged layer of skin underneath. Barabara recommends that exfoliation should be part of your regular routine, and to add a brightening ingredient like lactic acid and resveratrol. Both are naturally-derived and featured in Naturopathica’s Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel, a big-time favorite at the Kansas City Wellness Club!

Chest and back breakouts – oh no!

Even when we are diligent and using sunscreen on a daily basis to prevent sun damage, we now have the issue of clogged pores, which can lead to irritable breakouts. According to Barbara, body breakouts can be treated similar to facial breakouts. 

“The skin on the body is slightly thicker than the face, so start with a manual scrub with ingredients like micronized walnut shells, black silt clay or volcanic pumice that help to remove dead skin cells and clarify clogged pores. Then, follow with your serum or lightweight lotion with clarifying ingredients like AHAs (glycolic acid) or antimicrobial herbs like rosemary, ginger and neroli—natural alternatives to soothe and decongest the skin.” 

An AHA treatment is an easy and popular add-on for any skincare treatment at the Kansas City Wellness Club. This powerful exfoliating treatment is specifically formulated to promote cellular  renewal, improve skin texture, diminish blemishes and brighten the complexion. This treatment is great for any skin type!

About Naturopathica

Naturopathica products use safe and sustainable ingredients in clean bases that support skin’s natural function. Active ingredients are proven safe and effective, often developed using the latest advances in green technology. 

Naturopathica’s ingredients are sustainably and responsibly sourced. Workers and vendors are paid fair, life-enhancing wages. Packing materials, shipping and printing are made from glass or recycled material whenever possible. Naturopathica love animals and never test on them, and are proud to be Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free. 

We are proud to manufacture our products in the United States. We support groups that share our values, including the American Botanical Council, the Green Spa Network and local non-profit organizations. 

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