Visit Our New Age Holistic Wellness Center in Downtown Kansas City

We’re living in stressful times. Some of our stressors are man-made, while others are entirely out of our control. Feeling constantly overwhelmed, stressed out, and anxious takes a toll on our minds and bodies and negatively affects our overall health and wellness. We feel fatigued and become less productive. Our blood pressure increases. We lose sleep. For some, we simply do not feel well, as if something were not quite right, but we can’t put our finger on precisely what that is.

Finding peace when life and the emotions that come with it become overwhelming is a life skill that can help you to cope with all future stressors and improve your quality of life and mental health. At the Kansas City Wellness Club, we offer multiple services that help our valued guests master this skill on their path toward holistic wellness.

Practice Meditation and Mindfulness
One of the most important tasks as you seek peace is to find and master ways to calm your mind. Followers of new age wellness find value in both meditation and mindfulness, which go hand-in-hand. 

During meditation, you focus the mind on a particular thought with the goal of achieving a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Some practitioners use mindfulness as a technique to reach a meditative state. Mindfulness requires you to focus on only the present moment while acknowledging your feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations. While being mindful, you do not allow your mind to wander to the hypothetical, the past, or the future.

Meditation and the mindfulness technique are key components of some mental health therapies because they help the practitioner escape from stream-of-consciousness thoughts, worries, and assumptions. Both provide an escape from media overexposure, hectic daily schedules, and anxieties from modern living. 

At the Kansas City Wellness Club, we incorporate meditation and mindfulness techniques into all our offerings, including group yoga classes and our salon and spa treatments. Allowing yourself to be mindful, even during pampering, gives you the opportunity to savor the experience and get emotional benefits out of physical beautification processes.

Set Goals and Get Support from Kansas City Life Coaching
Without clear direction, you may never become the best version of yourself. Setting goals focuses you on the end result and adds meaning to your life. Understanding your purpose and how you measure your own success helps you to feel less overwhelmed by what you are or aren’t doing and prevents you from comparing yourself to others.

If you’re seeking outlets for personal and professional growth, but want a supportive partner to help you identify what that may look like and hold you accountable at every step, a Kansas City life coach could be the right choice for you. Group life-coaching or individual life-coaching guides you through decision-making and goal-setting, and your coach and support group are there to cheer you on and keep you on track. As you make progress toward your goal, you’ll feel a sense of unfamiliar satisfaction; that’s because you feel empowered, rather than overwhelmed, by prioritizing your personal development.

Our life coaches help you explore your perspectives on a variety of topics, including spirituality, finances, the environment, and body care, and guide and advocate for you once you’ve identified what you’d like to focus on, so that you’re prepared to tackle future challenges.

Move Your Body with Yoga in Downtown KC
When life feels overwhelming, include exercise in your range of coping skills. Exercise relieves stress and releases endorphins, that feel-good hormone that makes you feel exhilarated and refreshed.

Truly, any exercise that gets your heart pumping will do, but if you’re looking for a workout for every fitness level that also inspires peace in your mind, turn to yoga. An ancient practice, yoga involves both mindfulness and physical fitness. If one of the reasons you feel overwhelmed is due to chronic pain or a related health issue, yoga has been shown to relieve symptoms and promote joint and muscle flexibility. And because you must focus on your body as you hold poses, also called asana, and on your breathing as you move between them, mindfulness is a major aspect of the practice.

Group yoga classes in downtown Kansas City are easily accessible for all skill levels at the Kansas City Wellness Club. Attendees can drop in when their schedule permits; there is no set schedule you’re required to follow, making yoga at our holistic wellness center much more accommodating within your life.

Soothe Your Spirit with Energy Healing
Many people attribute their unyielding stress to their energy needing realignment. Energy healing is a holistic healing method that can restore balance and energy flow, resulting in improved physical and mental health.

Intuitives, who are empaths who can sense energy in others, use healing crystals to align the chakra, the focal points of energy within the body. Reiki practitioners induce relaxation by releasing blockages and bringing your soul back to wholeness. Intuitives are gifted with the ability to perform these rituals and are able to use their own meditative state and enhanced consciousness to help their clients.

Energy healing may be an unfamiliar new age wellness technique for many, but it is very much a viable format to heal and restore those dealing with overwhelming amounts of stress and ill feelings. Our downtown Kansas City energy healing recipients receive care as they lay fully clothed on a comfortable massage table.

Find Holistic Wellness at the Kansas City Wellness Club

At the Kansas City Wellness Club, our motto is “Rise above the tidal wave of modern life.” We see the hectic schedules, increased responsibilities, and uncertain times we’re living in as an obstacle attempting to overtake our health. We offer services in a tranquil environment specifically designed to reduce that tidal wave to a small, manageable ripple. 

You have a safe haven in the Kansas City Wellness Club. Learn more about how you can take advantage of it.