There are so many hair salons in Kansas City to choose from, all conveniently located, and each employing talented hairstylists and many of them use the best hair products in the world. So how do you find the best salon near you?

With so many factors to consider when choosing the right stylist and salon for your hair, it’s easy to see why you’d get overwhelmed and just pick the first salon off the top of your Google search, cross your fingers, and hope that you aren’t making a big mistake as you schedule an appointment. You don’t have to do that!

To help make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of tips and recommendations you can follow to search for the best hair salon for you in Kansas City.

Hair Salon Location

Think about the areas of the Kansas City metro that you most often frequent and your preferences for commuting. Which neighborhoods do you most often find yourself in? How do you prefer to travel?

If you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint, you might choose a hair salon location that allows you to get there without emissions – think walking or bicycling. This means you’ll want to choose a salon near where you live or work.

For people who are willing to drive any distance for the right hair stylist, you still might consider finding a hair salon in a convenient location with ample parking, or somewhere fun and worthwhile to visit, in a unique area. A downtown Kansas City hair salon, for example, is easily accessed from most areas in Jackson County and there are plenty of other things to do while you’re there. If you choose the Kansas City Wellness Club as your new hair salon, you can enjoy an amazing spa facial, get a massage or relax in the steam bath and sauna after your haircut! 

Salon-Quality Hair Products

If you’re like most people, you’re incredibly picky about what you will put in your hair or on your scalp. Choosing a hair salon that uses and sells high-quality salon products means you don’t have to worry about the harsh chemicals stylists may unknowingly use, in shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and more.

Low-quality salon products are filled with harmful compounds that dry out and damage your hair, cause scalp irritation, and leave your locks looking dull and sad. The best products nourish and strengthen your hair, and it’s even better if they do so naturally and organically. 

The salon team at the Kansas City Wellness Club adores using Simply Organic and Oway products because of the way they nourish the scalp and hair to counteract the negative effects of our environment. You can purchase your own supply to use at home when you visit the salon.

Finding a salon with your favorite hair care products on the shelves – or all-natural ones you want to try – soothes any anxiety you have about how your hair will be treated and lets you feel confident that you are keeping your hair and scalp healthy the natural way.

Hairstylists with Experience Cutting Your Hair Type

Especially if you have a difficult-to-manage hair texture or are looking for a new, creative haircut, you’ll want to find a hair stylist who knows how to cut your hair and does it well every time.

There are two ways to find a stylist this way. First, you can call a hair salon near you and ask for an appointment with a stylist who is highly skilled at cutting hair like yours. Second, you can look at different stylists’ social media pages to see their recent work.

A stylist with a large, public portfolio allows you to verify that you do, in fact, like what they can do to hair. You are more likely to be satisfied with your cut and style if you choose a stylist in this way, rather than picking randomly.

Hair Salon Pricing That Agrees With Your Budget

Cost of haircuts are wide-ranging in the Kansas City area. Looking at salon websites can give you an idea of what you can expect to pay after your appointment. Beware that even for “just a trim,” some salons charge you the full price of a haircut, even if they only took a quarter-inch off your ends! And don’t forget to factor in a tip to your stylist for their work, on top of the cost of the haircut. Most people tip between 15 and 20 percent. 

You can narrow down possible hair salons near you by just looking at pricing first, before considering any of our other recommendations.

Overall Health Impacts Your Hair and Scalp Health

The condition of your hair and scalp are reflections of your overall health. Thinning hair, flaking scalp, brittle tresses, or dullness are common issues many Kansas Citians face – and these issues could be resolved with a focus on holistic health!

A hairstylist who understands how overall wellness can affect your hair and scalp is better prepared to provide you with home hair care advice and provide guidance on how to focus on holistic wellness to continue to improve your hair’s condition. 

Not all stylists can do this, so it’s important that you seek out a hair salon that focuses on holistic health practices, like ours at the Kansas City Wellness Club. Make an appointment to see how we’re different from the rest! 

Hair Salon Considerations for Healthy Living 

If you are concerned with how you take care of the planet and wish others would do their part, too, finding a salon that uses all-natural, organic hair care products (like our Oway and Simply Organic products) and rewards patrons for traveling to their appointment without creating emissions, is probably important to you.

You’ll want to keep your eyes and ears open for recommendations from your friends in the eco-friendly community in Kansas City. It can be hard to find salons with the same values as you – especially knowing that haircoloring, bleaches, and hair products are laden with chemicals. The hair salon at the Kansas City Wellness Club strives toward healthy living and values the same eco-friendly principles that you do.

Try Downtown Kansas City’s Best Organic, All-Natural Hair Salon

If you live or work in or near downtown Kansas City, you’re in luck! The hair salon inside Kansas City Wellness Club could be your ticket to the best hair of your life.

Our stylists provide chemical-free service with all-natural organic hair products to pamper your hair and scalp. Learn how to protect and nourish your hair, and let us revive your tresses to their natural glory when you come to your appointment for one of our signature hair cuts, blow-outs, updos, dry style, and more.

Our salon:

  • Follows eco-friendly practices.

  • Rewards patrons with a discount if they arrive on foot or by bike.

  • Is conveniently located in downtown Kansas City, where you work, live, and play.

  • Uses only organic, all-natural salon hair products from Simply Organic and Oway.

  • Employs experienced stylists with extensive portfolios and a passion for holistic living.

  • Services are competitively priced, with a special low price for hair trims.

Located in the historic Kansas City Club building on Baltimore Avenue in downtown Kansas City, the salon at Kansas City Wellness Club is ready to help you feel beautiful inside and out. You can make an appointment online, or call us at 816-601-5592.