Obvious and Less Obvious Steps to Take to Achieve Optimal Health

When starting your holistic wellness journey, you likely considered several avenues to take to help you reach your wellness goals and satisfy the needs of your mind, body, and spirit. And there are many options available for achieving wellness; if you ask five people, you’re likely to get a different answer every time. That’s because everyone’s needs are different. Our individuality is formed because of our experiences, the knowledge and understanding we internalized from them, and the ways we learned to exist in the world.

At the Kansas City Wellness Club, we value your uniqueness and desire to join a community that celebrates it. And we also strive to help each person become the best versions of themselves by promoting a variety of wellness programs and opportunities in downtown Kansas City to guide you toward holistic wellness. Our team was able to select five of our favorite tips to help you achieve and maintain a state of general wellness as a stepping stone on your journey.

Tip 1: Nourish your body, including with the natural beauty products you use.
Your body is a vessel for your soul, and carries you through life. The better you care for it and the greater the concern you show it, the stronger and more capable it will remain over the course of your years. The food you eat, the liquids you drink, and the beauty serums and creams you use on your skin affect your overall wellness. 

We personally like to focus on fueling our bodies with natural, whole foods and hydrating ourselves with water and other natural drinks, like herbal teas, to help rid our bodies of toxins we absorb in our environment every day and gain energy from natural nutrients that our bodies can easily process. We also choose all-natural beauty products, made ethically from botanicals, to improve the quality of our skin; they never contain harmful ingredients or powerful chemicals that cause uncomfortable side effects. Ensuring you’re making thoughtful choices about what you put into or onto your body is the first step toward living a more healthful life.

Tip 2: Strengthen your body and mind.
Meditative practices that include elements of physicality, like yoga, are good for both your body and your mind. Regardless of a person’s experience and skill level with the practice of yoga, they can reap benefits from it. 

Physically, yoga helps increase flexibility and muscle strength and tone. As a result, other areas of health see improvements, including weight reduction, improved respiration, and improved cardiac health. Yoga also requires mental focus, not only to maintain awareness of your body as you progress through movements and poses, but also through meditation and achieving a sense of peacefulness throughout the session. 

Downtown Kansas City yoga classes are for any skill level and designed to satisfy both the mental and physical needs of yoga practitioners. With small groups and cohesive instruction from class-to-class, you can come to learn yoga fundamentals or expand on your practice with advanced poses and faster-paced flows.

Tip 3: Consider the environment as a component of your holistic wellness.
We think any wellness club would be remiss if they did not consider the environmental impact of modern living. To sustain wellness long-term, we must remember to care for our planet and communities by lessening our carbon footprint.

Wellness clubs and those individuals seeking holistic wellness in their daily lives should consider how each of their choices could be made more eco-friendly. For our part at the Kansas City Wellness Club, we’re using all-natural botanical-based products for our spa treatments, avoiding single-use plastics and employing the use of recycling stations, leading community education programs, and finding creative ways to reward our guests who travel to us through emissions-free means.

In your daily life, sustainability might look like purchasing hygiene products without excess packaging, starting a small kitchen compost bin for your patio garden, recycling and reusing containers, shopping for secondhand clothing and housewares, and choosing more eco-friendly ways of commuting, such as by bicycle or public transportation. Even small changes can make a big impact on the environment, which in turn, affects how healthy we can become.

Tip 4: Seek out all-natural healing.
Modern medicine tends to advocate for the use of invasive medical care and chemical-laden prescription drugs as a solution to every problem. Even then, doctors are sometimes unable to achieve a desired outcome. 

Natural and naturopathic medicine is an alternative and complement to your health care provider’s tactics and emphasizes healing in alternative ways through focusing on prevention and ancient therapeutic modalities. Naturopathic providers seek to remove the underlying cause of illness or discomfort, rather than treating symptoms alone. Similarly, chiropractic care considers how your body’s structure can be an underlying cause of symptoms and addresses them through stretching and spinal manipulation. 

When modern medicine hasn’t helped as much as you anticipated, or when you’re looking for a more natural way to achieve results, you can seek out all-natural healing modalities that encourage your own self-healing process and aid in your spiritual development. We’re proud to be offering these services in the near future! If you or someone you know is a practicing professional in the field, please reach out to explore opportunities to collaborate or work together

Tip 5: Join a community of like-minded individuals focused on practicing holistic wellness.
If taking a comprehensive and holistic approach to wellness is important to you, it can behoove you to seek out people with the same viewpoints to collaborate with you as you all become the best versions of yourselves.

Your ideal community is a holistic wellness club in Kansas City that offers services designed to relieve stress, heal your body, achieve outer beauty, and connect you with what’s important to you. The Kansas City Wellness Club was established for all these reasons. Visiting the Kansas City Wellness Club and interacting with other wellness-seekers can give you the connections you need to continue down your path toward holistic health and continually provide an outlet for your physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

Downtown KC Wellness Club

The Kansas City Wellness Club is located in the heart of downtown, inside the historic Kansas City Club building. Each of our service lines, including energy healing, virtual reality fitness, yoga, life coaching, and more, are designed to help you rise above the tidal wave of modern life as you seek relief from modern day stressors and embrace mindful living.

Visit us on Baltimore Avenue between West 9th and 10th streets, across from the Kansas City Public Library, to learn how we can help you achieve holistic wellness, or make an appointment for our spa and salon treatments online. Our wellness-focused staff looks forward to meeting you soon!