Hello, I’m Dr. Zac Lyons and it is my distinct joy and privilege to be of service to you and yours via the Kansas City Wellness Club. I feel blessed to be a part of Heath’s vision and purpose with the Wellness Club and I am excited to add my presence, love and various expertise to it all. 

I am joining the Wellness Club as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Teacher and Coach. My passion and purpose in life is to help people transform the perspective of their own life from a limited view, into a broader, more optimistic view. When you step into my office, I’m examining and evaluating your entire being, so that I can listen to, guide, and empower you to step into the truth of your role as your own healer, hero, creator, lover, etc. This holistic process gives you the power to continue to change your life for the better when I’m not around.  This is especially important with all that is up for us to feel and transform as a society with COVID-19, along with the intensity of heartbreak and rage that surrounds the systemic issues within our police force in regards to their relationship with our friends and family of African-American descent. We must learn to lead with our vulnerability and our hearts in matters like these, otherwise we end up choosing sides and maintaining the war, instead of creating a situation where the fears and needs of both parties are heard, validated and nurtured. 

It is both one my, and the Kansas City Wellness Club’s mission to provide the knowledge, practices, and space for the revolution and unification of individual and community health and wellness. These trauma’s are up for both the individual and collective human consciousness to heal and transform. As such, I’d like to share a beautiful practice that my teacher, John Wineland, recently shared about how to do your part in the transformation of all that is happening (**bottom of page), as well as explain the core method that I weave into all of my sessions and teachings called the *Letting Go Method. The Letting Go Method also plays a crucial role in the new world we’re all here to create, birth and nurture into existence. The premise is that all of our painful thoughts and bodily sensations are because of an unfelt emotion held in the body as tension. As humans we carry physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tension in our bodies and this tension presents itself as various aches, pains, symptoms and diseases. Where this practice is both simple and brilliant, is that, instead of spending lots of time and money on expensive drugs and surgeries or by spending months, or years, working through your thoughts and stories around these past trauma or by working out or dieting repeatedly. This practice simply helps you find and identify what unfelt emotion is being held in the body’s tension, and what unmet needs accompany it. Then you simply practice witnessing, allowing, embracing it before you replace it with a better feeling such as grace, gratitude, forgiveness, courage, etc. Letting go of the pain and suffering of the past, for me, has been salvation. That’s why my practice philosophy is “Letting go of who you’ve been, free’s who you came here to be”.  As this practice evolves it transforms the energy that used to go towards the tension and stories, into readily available love, creativity, vitality, joy, etc.

I have two goals for you when you step into practice with me, 1.) That you leave feeling more peaceful and aware at the end of each session and 2.) That we are able to end our relationship as soon as possible, because you feel so empowered in yourself that you no longer require my services. 

Here’s the list of services I’m bringing to the Wellness club. I’ll be offering 4 different types of sessions: 

I offer:

  • 20-30 minute Chiropractic treatments specializing in Zone Technique and Flowtrition

  • 60 or 90 minute Sacred Touch body work (which includes Chiro)

  • 60 or 90 minute Self-Love Coaching and Couples Coaching. 

  • My personal transformation course called, “Witness Love Breathe”, which gives you the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tools and framework so that you can get out of your own way and create the life of your dreams. 

  • Workshops on The Letting Go technique, Yogic Sexuality, Spinal awareness practices and Neutral Thinking, to name a few.


To find out more about each practice please visit my website www.drzaclyons.com (Witness Love Breathe and info about individual workshops will be added to my website soon.  Feel free to contact me at drzaclyons@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the course or workshops before they are available on my website.)

Something I want to highlight about the sessions is that although you will be scheduling a Chiropractic, Sacred-Touch or Coaching session, what I really offer, is time spent with me focusing my attention, presence, love and skill on you. I drop in to each session individually and have no agenda for what will happen. I simply listen to what you bring in and what’s beneath it and respond the best I can with your highest and the highest good for all in mind. Now, you’ll always get some expression of the session you booked but the sessions will not be the same each time, even if we’re focusing on the same thing each time, i.e your shoulder. I’m a firm believer that healing happens by meeting the moment as it is. By allowing it to reveal itself and artfully respond rather than to try and force something to occur that I think is right. That doesn’t mean I’m not a stand for your healing or that I won’t use force or be intense should the moment ask for it. It simply means that the greatest potential for our time together happens when we both fall into trust that something deeper, wiser and bigger than us has a rhyme and a reason for our time together and the most magic happens when we listen, trust, and respond accordingly. 

As stated earlier, the only outcome I truly desire for you, is that at the end of our time working together, no matter which modality it is through, you walk away from our time together feeling more peaceful, aware, and empowered in the truth of what you’re capable of being in this life. You are the hero/healer of your story and it is my privilege and honor to help you find, know and live from that truth. 

I look forward to meeting you when our time comes and wish you and yours an abundance of joy, health and prosperity. 

Warmly, Dr. Zac Lyons



Bio – Dr. Lyons got his Bachelors of Science and Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University. He specializes in Zone Technique, Flowtrition, CranialSacral Therapy and Somatic based dialoguing. He is also a Self-Love and Couples Coach.  Dr. Lyons enjoys athletic activities of all kinds specifically, hiking, boating, biking and basketball. Is an avid reader and is enjoying learning how to play guitar, the didgeridoo and taking vocal lessons. He also enjoys traveling and camping with his beautiful partner Jen and her 5 year old daughter June. 

You can follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/drzaclyons/  on Instagram @drzaclyons or my website https://www.drzaclyons.com/

You can follow the Kansas City Wellness Club through their social handle @KCwellnessClub or on their website https://www.kcwellnessclub.com/

You can follow John Wineland on Instagram @john_wineland or his website https://www.johnwineland.com/ 


*The Letting Go Method is from the book Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender by David R. Hawkins M.D.  P.H.D

** This practice by John Wineland helps you to stay present to the feelings that arise in you while watching video or reading content on some of the issues mentioned above. It is a way to allow the feelings to move you into whatever call to action serves the highest good for you and the highest good for all at this time. 

1.) Choose a video…particularly one that brings you elevated or uncomfortable emotions.

2.) Bring awareness to your breath and to the 3 energy centers of your front channel i.e. your throat, heart and area just beneath your belly button.

3.) Watch the video you choose and notice how you breathe (deep, shallow, quick, slow, hold breath) while also noticing how open or closed you are in your throat, heart and belly.

4.) Watch the video again, but this time practice breathing deeply and slowly into your belly the whole time while also keeping your throat, heart and belly relaxed and open to the content on the screen. 

5.) Witness the thoughts and emotions that arise as you allow yourself to be with the content. Let yourself feel the anger, rage, grief, heart break, sadness, longing etc that arises.

6.) Stay with the emotions through the end and then listen and let them lead you into a call to action based on what you felt while you watched it. That could be bawling your eyes out, yelling and screaming, making art via painting, dancing, writing etc, make a social media post sharing your pain, desire, etc, call a friend or loved one, join a community activism group, the protests, or call your local and state representatives to let your desire for change be heard. 

7.) Thank yourself and these emotions for revealing your truth to you and for acting in integrity with them.


*** Should you feel the urge to harm yourself or another individual after this practice please contact a loved one or professional for assistance immediately.***