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The world sees your face every day; don’t you want it to reflect your inner beauty? Of course you do!

In recent years, spa facials have gained popularity among people seeking a relaxing day in preparation for a special event, like weddings, anniversary celebrations, or awards banquets. But regularly scheduled facials can do you a lot of good! Why reserve these treatments for luxury only, when you should be embracing them as a once-monthly way to keep your skin looking radiant, and better yet, healthy?

We are currently nominated as the Best Day Spa in Kansas City! Providing the best spa facials in Kansas City is a big reason why. Below are more reasons why you should book monthly facials at the Kansas City Wellness Club, located in the prestigious Kansas City Club building. It’s for your holistic health!

Spa Facials Increase Circulation

With facial massage, the application of all-natural products, and exfoliation, your esthetician is working to not only make your skin gorgeous, but also to restore proper circulation to your face.

When your circulation is poor, your skin cells get less oxygen-rich blood, which makes your face look dull and gaunt. With improved circulation, your skin will appear more plump, which can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Facial massage also helps improve lymphatic flow and drainage in your body. Lymph fluids carry toxins out of your tissues and help expel them from your body, while transporting important nutrients to your cells. Lymph drainage is a key component of an efficient immune system. (And regularly-scheduled full-body massage in conjunction with your facial also works wonders on improving the effectiveness of your lymphatic drainage, so don’t forget to schedule one of those, too!)

Getting a Spa Facial Helps Renew Your Skin

The exfoliation aspect of a good spa facial leaves you with brightened skin because the process removes the bacteria, debris, and dead skin cells that accumulate on and dull the surface of your skin. These are the very same materials that clog your pores and create blemishes.

After exfoliation and the removal of all of this debris, however, your skin is much more receptive to absorbing our all-natural skin-care products, including moisturizers, to leave you with well-hydrated and nourished skin — and it will continue the renewal process even after you leave our wellness club.

Any of the products you choose to use at home for a few days after your facial will also be quickly absorbed, so make sure you’re using only the best, healthiest formulations. Our licensed estheticians can provide you with advice on the highest-quality, all-natural products you should be using on a regular basis and can tell you what types of products you should be avoiding at all costs!

Help Support Your Body’s Healthy Inflammatory Response

Spa facials with all-natural Naturopathica products help support a healthy inflammatory response in the dermal layers of your skin. In combination with our antioxidant-rich facial products, your body’s innate ability to heal itself can be strengthened, leading to a glowing, healthy face.

Inflammation in the body is perfectly natural; it’s a defense system. For inflammation isolated to our face, the culprit is usually overusing products full of artificial ingredients and harsh chemical formulations. When you switch to all-natural, good-for-you products, you allow your skin to heal, so your body can focus on defense elsewhere.

Spa facials with our Naturopathica products also nurture your skin’s complex microbiome. By avoiding irritating chemicals and nourishing your skin, you’ll see improved overall skin condition and fewer signs of an imbalance, like acne and fine lines and wrinkles.

Find Much-Needed Relaxation in Downtown Kansas City

DIY home facials are a great way to continue our professional skin care at home. While at-home products are not as deeply effective as professional formulations, we still encourage you to care for your skin between your spa facials at Kansas City Wellness Club.

The extra bit of work an at-home facial requires is worthwhile when you consider you’re working toward the healthiest skin possible. Then, when it’s time for a professional touch, lay back, relax, and leave it to our licensed estheticians.

Spend an hour in our serene environment, practicing mindfulness, resting, and alleviating stress. Spa facials as self care is a legitimate practice, which also has the added benefit of leaving your skin looking and feeling healthy. Treat yourself to the best spa facial in Kansas City, book yours today!

Reverse Skin Damage with Professional Facials at a Spa

For women especially, stress causes expedited signs of aging on the face. Spa facials reduce signs of this stress! They also help minimize the effects of sun overexposure, smoking, poor-quality facial product usage, and other environmental factors.

How? Professional skin-care products contain natural ingredients designed to give your skin exactly what it needs. A professional esthetician can customize the products they use on your face to target problem areas and keep more severe damage at bay. Then, your esthetician can recommend products to use at home so your skin can continue to reap the benefits.

Schedule The Best Facial in Downtown Kansas City

If you’re ready to see what a professional spa facial can do for you, call Kansas City Wellness Club at 816-608-7307 or request an appointment online for one of our soothing skin care services:

  • Signature Holistic Facial (60 minutes or 90 minutes)
    Discover your Skin Personality, experience detoxifying lymphatic brushing, aromatherapy, facial massage, and high-quality, all-natural skin-care products.

  • Advanced Pure Results Anti-Inflammatory Facial (60 minutes)
    This skin-conditioning treatment addresses inflammation, a cause of premature aging. Start with exfoliation, followed by Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum.

  • Vitamin C + Retinol Age Defense Facial (50 minutes)
    The power of vitamin C and retinol combine in this age-defying and complexion-smoothing treatment.

  • Men’s Rebalancing Facial (45 minutes)
    Especially for men’s skin-care needs, get renewed skin tone and texture while soothing sun damage and razor burn.

  • Plus, choose from our menu of amazing add-ons, like AHA treatment, collagen mask, enzyme power peel, eye contour and hydrating lip, and lash or brow tinting.

On the day of your appointment, visit us in the supremely gorgeous downtown Kansas City Club building at 918A Baltimore Avenue. Let us know if you arrived using a zero-emission method (like bicycling or walking) for a special bonus!

Learn more about all of the spa services offered at Kansas City Wellness Club.

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