Yoga Kansas City It’s all about being committed to you. Kansas City wellness club is committed to your physical and mental well-being. it is also committed to your skin and hair as well. You can experience hair Wellness everyday from the offerings inside our holistic hair salon. Our stylists are well versed and all hair types and textures and all cosmetologists at the Kansas City wellness club or educated in advanced product knowledge to pamper your looks and scalp. I also offer a range of advice and treatments. our salon and heads while has a long-term health of your hair and mind. While you’re here you also make your hair healthier. Each time you visit us you have the opportunity to work with our hair specialist to create a plan that restores the Integrity of your hair and your scalp. Over time your hair is exposed to unwanted chemicals, harsh water and your personal stress and we always consider these factors. I’m a partner with you to create a plan that helps you fall back in love with your hair so that you feel confident in your everyday life no matter how you choose to wear it.

For wanting to better yourself, always think of Yoga Kansas City. Kansas City wellness club helps you revive your life and set up a work routine to keep you at your best. from your hair to your toes there’s a service that can better you. for example our scalp treatment which is an experience as a standalone treatment or an add-on treatment to a blowout, haircut, or hair coloring service. It stimulates your hair using essential oils and biodynamic herbs to calm and suit the scalp, gently cleansing and restoring balance to the hair follicles. With this treatment you can sit back and enjoy the uplifting sensory experience while revitalizing your hair and scalp.

Yoga Kansas City Also offers coaching too. Kansas City wellness club offers many types of coaching for you and your mind. There is holistic guidance and support which is an exclusive coaching program that focuses on modern day stressors such as feeling so busy all the time or overwhelmed or stuck going through the motions in life. We serve as a personal development vehicle to become your best self, to make your life easier, and to enjoy it more fully and vividly along the journey. We know there’s a lot of noisy distractions out there but we simplify it significantly and help you enhance the path to your Optimal Health and the simplest, most supportive and energizing and educational way. It is all a very mindfulness based approach to help you become the best version of yourself and help you enhance your awareness. This can help you step into your personal power which leaks into every facet of your life.

With this treatment we explore your current perspectives on mindful, nutritional, physical, spiritual, social, financial, and environmental health and then, and only then, will your coach provide you with guidance and information by advocating for you and the areas you feel you have the most from the desire for growth. this along with proactive guidance on how to increase your resilience voice strengthening your immune system and learning how to incorporate more likely Source naturally based solutions to achieve a healthier body, healthier community, and a healthier Planet as well as mine. Your coach will recommend and work with you from the beginning and hope you create an action plan. This will Empower you and goal setting to reach each Milestone towards your goal and follow up with you at time frames and settings that work best for you and your schedule. We work around you, not the other way around.

To book your session today, call us at 816-601-5592 as well as go to our website at and read more about session training and how you can get started right now.

Yoga Kansas City | Fitness for Kansas

Yoga Kansas City Isn’t all about yoga. Kansas City wellness club also has a fitness center. you can see all of the pictures and more on the website but let’s talk about it a little bit. the health benefits of physical activity can never be overstated, what you know. living in optimal life with your utmost Vitality is only possible when your body regularly practices body movement exercises. This can be achieved at our fitness center which, if you remember, you have access to. At the wellness club we want to guide you towards activities that can be incorporated into your existing lifestyle, not make a whole new routine. We want this especially in fun ways online with your hobbies and interests and physical needs. He truly provides for many types of exercises that may appeal to you given the context of your lifestyle. This will include but is up to not up to walking, running, biking, rowing, stop climbing, yoga coming for stretching, and toning even more movement based gaming through virtual reality. What you can do at the wellness club is Limitless as well as the body movement opportunities there.

Kansas Wellness club is the best Yoga Kansas City. you also, if you remember, have personal access anytime during open hours and can utilize all machines and activities available. if you’re on your own you can be able to control the fitness studio music and TV but either way you take your workout to a whole new level when you work out at the fitness center at Kansas City Wellness club. through virtual gaming by going boxing versus the rocky characters lightsaber gaming, ping pong, dancing, and many other physical movement transformation experiences you can discover, we have it all. or if you just want to try it out we do have a day pass available for just $29 which allows you to relax in our sauna or steam bath and expand your mind in our virtual reality meditation room if you have time.

Yoga Kansas City Is unique in every way. not just because they try to help the customers as much as possible but because they offer Cutting Edge new technology to do so. They offer virtual reality. This is a transformative experience and is a core principal at Kansas City in this club. meditation and mindful expansion make you healthier and more focused and this can be achieved into virtual reality. your fresher more support to God’s side your current confines surroundings, which will boost your spirits, raise your energy and conscious level about others, and live out new experiences that you have only ever dreamed of. you can start your day with meditation on top of the clouds looking at the sunrise on a remote and sunny Beach or in the middle of a giant redwood tree or even at an ancient Optical remote temple, whatever fits your mood. we built the VR or virtual reality program into our Wellness and events face offerings or to be at the Forefront of the new interface for lifestyle engagement. We also have a VR meditation room that allows gas to be transported out into a number of nature scenes for meditation or Stress Management and allows gas to be used during massages for a more immersive experience for coaching sessions for calming or educational purposes.

There’s also tons of different options for virtual reality. if you were in a meditation or a stretch management session you can be on top of a mountain or remote beach or Redwood forest or less jungle. If you’re using it for entertainment you can stroll through museums or be at the front row at concerts or sporting events. for educational opportunities you can fill it out in space with the NASA crew on a space station look around and discover the human body or for cardio exercise you can use our fitness studio and get a fun workout and by going boxing versus the rocky characters, lightsaber gaming, ping pong, or dancing or other physical movement transformation experiences with the vr.

Start your new Advance Wellness journey, call us at 816-601-5592 and check out our website to learn more about this new experience;