You are going to be so happy with our Yoga kansas city. We are going to be able to provide you with options such as our memberships, club packages and parties and couple offerings.And you can always purchase gift cards as well for anyone you think could really use to come to our studio. We are so excited to be able to talk to you about all of these affordable options and provide you with so many great services that you’ll be thrilled to take advantage of with our VIP options and then membership programs that you just don’t have otherwise.

You will find we are more than just Yoga kansas city. You’ll find that we have many monthly memberships ranging from $48 all the way to $220. If you want to get all of the membership options that we offer, it will be a total of $479. But if you actually go with our Wellness club membership, it starts at $89 and it looks to be that the average membership costs $218. You will find that you will get so many great options within the membership that you are absolutely going to love what you have.

You’re going to find that our Wellness club membership doesn’t just include Yoga kansas city, But also modern day life coaching and guidance group menus as well as the yoga classes, fitness studio with weights and cardio and our premium salon service is and also our unlimited sauna and steam baths we have our.Amazing energy healing and virtual reality as well. There is so much we offer. There are more options that you will also have available to you. Without her award-winning Kansas City Wellness Club, we are proud to offer three different membership options to meet you where you are in your Wellness journey.

With these three options, we will be able to maximize the value of your Wellness investment with yourself all at just one place, saving you both time.For multiple trips and money in the form of one transaction, first meaning. Each of our memberships will guide you and you will be able to rise above and create the life you have desired with the ability to have flexible and comprehensive premium care. We are going to be able to provide you the awareness to see your inner and outer beauty. You’ll get insightful education, sustaining guidance, comprehension throughout your holistic Wellness journey and realization of your best version of your Divine Self.

We completely understand how overwhelming it can get when you are continually spending money on different options for your health and Wellness. We want to be able to. Minimize that when you come to our Wellness club. We’re going to be able to provide you with the Wellness help that you need and help you feel fulfilled with your life. We are going to give you that Peace of Mind, so check everything out on our website. And if there is more information you would like and you would like to speak to a person, you can give us a call at 816-601-5592.

Yoga Kansas City | We Will Bring Peace

Greatness comes when you find the right Wellness for you, whether that’s Yoga kansas city Or many of the other options that we have at our Wellness club. If you choose to go with one of our memberships, you will get 100 plus dollars in savings and you will get the highest rated Wellness treatment in the area. You are going to be able to truly prioritize your health and well-being and.Not have to drive all over the town because we are able to provide everything here in our Wellness club. Are truly going to love everything that we offer and will be excited to come back regularly.

Everything that we offer on top of our Yoga kansas city You are truly going to be able to maximize the value of your Wellness investment in yourself, and it’s all just in one place. And you’ll be able to save both time and money by getting your membership with us. We know that you’re going to be able to get all of the.Fitness and mental help that you would need. We are going to be able to provide so much and decrease that overwhelming feeling from spending a lot of time each month driving all over town.

You can expect to have benefits and success in as little as 4 to 8 months with Yoga kansas city. With our memberships, you will be able to simplify life, that automates your everyday tasks, and that you’ll also have benefiting your local communities through getting your Wellness through.Kansas City Wellness Club.We are sure that you are going to be able to get your desired health.Taken care of and you will have more peace, purpose of happiness with your inner and outer beauty. We are excited to start this journey with you through your membership with us.

With our three different memberships, you will get so much we have our Health Club membership, which runs $54 for unlimited access to our steam room and sauna, fitness center, virtual reality chair facilities and our Mens and women’s locker rooms.With our service select membership, it runs $89 and you’ll get a 60 minute service of choice.From our Skin Care, Energy Healing Life Coaching, Massage Therapy, Hair Salon. For our Signature Club membership, we have three different prices, one at $111, one at $214 and one at $370.They are all inclusive.Best for those seeking sustained growth in holistic Wellness experience. We know that if you’re looking to just relax, you’ll really enjoy our spa. We are doing a lot for this.

We’re going to provide so much for you through our membership programs that you are going to be excited about the money you’re going to save. You’re sure that you’re going to want to look more into each one of these services, so check everything out on our website For more information To get a hold of us by phone you can always give us a call at 816-601-5592.