Yoga Kansas City Wants to build that trust with you and so there is an events and media page on their website. It shows recent news that Kansas City wellness club was in as well as any of the awards they have received. Kansas City wellness club was thrilled to recently be featured and start land news. Starlin is a digital Daily Business News publication primarily reporting stories of Entrepreneurship and innovation in the greater Kansas City region. They were also named one of the first ever small business Superstars but the greater Kansas City Chamber Of commerce. We are very proud to be named this. Small business Superstars have kept Kansas City moving forward through everything we’ve experienced over the past year. and only do we have to make big changes but even bigger sacrifices. We are still showing our customers why we’re a strong business and I won’t stop being the best we can be. The small business Superstars are part of the kickoff to the KC chamber small business celebration which honors businesses competing to be named small business of the year. The celebration is one of the largest of its kind in the nation, growing and honoring small businesses for 30 years and we’re just getting started.

When you think of Yoga Kansas City, you have to think of Kansas City Wellness club. It was also featured on the local NBC station. They are featured on one tank trips in case you spot a studio to talk about the timely message of wellness and proactively improving your health and the health of the community. I will be fine they’re also known for living locally and naturally for the sustainability of the planet and their community. They are all about sustainability of body, mine, and planet. They are very proud to use chemical free products for everything they do.

Yoga Kansas City Offers to partner with other groups for events as well or space is available to rent as an event space for group parties. This can include but is not limited to spa, salon, bridal, girls nights out, corporate, private events, our workshops or even classes. We know your desire for safe and fun places to connect with your friends and family again and we can be that place for you. you want to provide you with a warm and welcoming, safe, fun and beneficial environment to do that. provide an event space that develops and produces insightful wellness and content from our healers and instructors so that’s the Partnerships with other Wellness minded healers and instructors. eventually I’ve done in the past include ladies nights, esthetician training, marketing seminars, Reiki certifications, healing sessions through sound bowls or breath work or indigenous instruments, young healers Club, body frequency device sales presentation, a blue/phone concert, even 4th July readings of the Declaration of independence.

They also help you connect your event and year to the historic in glamorous Kansas City Club spaces. Dave’s rooms and venue opportunities have recently been nominated for best and City Awards as best bachelor party venue, best bachelorette party location, and best place for a wedding rehearsal dinner. more pictures and information of the spaces can be found on the website but you should come host your grand event in The Classy Kansas City club building that’s some fun and beneficial Wellness Services before, during, after your event.

To book the venue Now call 816-601-5592 or go to our website at to book your Venue now.

Yoga Kansas City | Healing in Kansas

Yoga Kansas City It’s all about the customer and their Wellness journey. It’s all about healing mentally and physically. We all understand that this world is crazy right now and having some guidance through the whole journey could significantly help you. Kansas City wellness club offers this to you and so much more. is a One Stop Shop for your physical and mental well-being. from train sessions to access to our facilities yourself, whatever you would like we have that. We also have a lot of services for couples for shared relaxation and a better relationship. One of our strengths is how diverse multi-dimensional service offerings are which provides you with Optimal Health benefits.

Yoga Kansas City Offers many options for couples. There is massage therapy which is a side by side couples massage which allows you to celebrate your health together. two people enjoy the best couple massage experience side by side and the couples room which is the sweetest massage and is a perfect way to enjoy some quality time together. Another option is the energy healing session. Our instant relationships are our biggest teachers but unfortunately over time the Monday to-do list of Life can lead to a decreased connection as a couple, mutual lack of attention resulting in a growing loss of intimacy. This session is designed to clear each individual’s energy as well as the collective guarantee between you as a couple. This creates a safe space of unit and connection. you strive to combine forces and credit a clear path forward for both of you.

There are other services at Yoga Kansas City in regards to being a couple. There’s also a massage and energy healing combined option which are massage therapist and energy healer at partner up to create a one-of-a-kind package for couples. you can come to Kansas City wellness club for the full connection experience. take time to relax and unwind in the statements on there before your session even starts. you will then go into the meditation room and we have side by side massage tables to keep you close. We also have a massage and facial combine. This allows you to start growing together and reconnecting as a couple. Every couple goes through rough fast but with Kansas City wellness club it’ll only feel like a little bump.

This whole place is designed for you and only you. They always focus on each individual customer and their individual needs. That is why they are flexible about packages and other services. This is why they are one of a kind because they know each customer is one of a kind. When you come to Kansas City wellness club not only are you working on your mental and physical self but your spiritual self as well. This can just help you and your day to day life to feel more at peace and more rested in this crazy world.

Call our number at 816-601-5592 to schedule all the sessions that you need as well as go to our website at to look at all of our packet options before you even come in!