For Yoga Kansas City, you need to think of Kansas City Wellness Club! a little bit about us as we are located in the heart of downtown and the historic Kansas City Club building. Our Center is all about growth and how to cultivate a mindful lifestyle. We want to share this among neighbors, residents, and workers. not only our services are for you premium care throughout your Wellness Journey but as well as implementing Sustainable Solutions to overcome the challenges of everyday life. Our diverse professionals help guide you to become the best version of yourself and help you cultivate a more adorable life.

Yoga Kansas City Needs to be your next stop. Kansas City wellness club is a collaboration that works to connect you with your most ingrained human desires; such as sustained contentment, since it belongs, self transcendence, and positive experiences. We understand that life is full of distractions and it becomes difficult to turn out all of that in the constant noise. we want you to press pause on all of this. We start all of our yoga, fitness, massage therapy, and life coaching sessions with mindful, deep breaths that allow you to be more present in the moment and enjoy your experience. All of this is to prioritize your care Journey and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

For Yoga Kansas City Kansas City wellness club has your back. get addressed as many areas of your life and continue to better you every single day. This sort of restoration and healing can only be found here. They have a tranquil environment so you can be at complete ease whenever you are in the building. We believe that collaboration is a necessity to create healthier communities on a healthier planet through sustainability. We’re all about convenience for you as the customer, this means that you can achieve Optimal Health through traditional and advanced treatments without the harsh side effects of modern medicine and enhance your path to personal growth and mindful living and one convenient place.

We are here for you in every way. We are the award-winning Kansas City wellness club for a reason. We want to be your Oasis and increasingly crazy world and a place that supports and develops the best of you and all facets of your health and wellness. We like to think of ourselves as a breathable lash Oasis in the middle of an urban concrete landscape. you will feel at ease, peace, comfortable, and clear-headed as soon as you enter and throughout your stay our goal is to keep you that way. Every part of our facility is aimed to keep you peaceful and your mind and the present. from our showers and Facilities to our yoga room and even more. He wants you to feel comfortable and secure throughout our whole building.

If this sounds like the place for you give us a call at 816-601-5592 and go to our website at for a more complete tour of our facilities so you can book and get your Wellness Journey started today.

Yoga Kansas City | Our Memberships

Yoga Kansas City Is all about the award-winning Kansas City Wellness club. Kansas City wellness club is proud to offer distinctly different membership options to meet you where you are and your Wellness journey and to help you maximize the value of your Wellness investment in yourself. all of this is in just one place which also saves you time and money. Again, each membership is designed specifically for you and your journey. It is a guide design to help you to rise above all of your problems and it provides you with flexible and comprehensive premium care. you don’t see something on our website that fits exactly what you need you just let us know and we’d be happy to customize membership to your Wellness needs and budget.

When you think of Yoga Kansas City, think of Kansas City Wellness Club. A few of the modern day challenges we guide you on are our top six that are listed on our website. Our first one is if you’re overwhelmed by spending a lot of time driving all over town trying to prioritize your health. The second is being somewhat fearful and how your body will overcome your next Health Challenge or if you often feel unfulfilled. The fourth is scattered and burdened at the repeatable thoughts attending to your repeatable life needs or if you’re in danger of losing money from buffet and she’ll be uncertain. Another one we have listed is that if you wish you could do more to strengthen local business rather than large Global corporations that are often outsourced out of this country. We help with all of this and more while you’re here at the club.

Yoga Kansas City Can help all these problems usually in a short 4 to 8 months. A few of the benefits are saving time and money to spend on more things you enjoy, strengthening the immune system and increasing energy, and naturally enhancing outer beauty and inner beauty. not only that but you will have more peace, purpose, and happiness and healthier living after moving harmful chemicals from your body and home. it is all about how we can help you. you also receive Birthday Deals the week and month of your birthday and that is why your designated friend / family can use your remember discount at any time.

Our spa / Salon offers a lot of Services. such as Hair salon and head spa, Massage therapy, spa facial To body treatments. There’s also a waxing and hair removal serviceAnd to end all that there is a steam room and sauna.The whole point of these salon services and spa treatments is held before your path for your inner beauty to shine outwardly to the world. you need to achieve a balance of the two planes of beauty and this requires you to counter the world’s effects on your body. That is why our Salon and Spa uses only natural and organic products for our facials, massages, body treatments, and hair treatment. for you, choosing these chemical free, Botanical based processes to heal and beautify your body manifest your dedication to your sustainable, worldly lifestyle.

We know you’re ready to get started on your Wellness Journey so give us a call at 816-601-5592 and go to our website and look at our memberships and book yours right now at