Kansas City Yoga Is Made for you. The whole journey with the Kansas City wellness club is start to finish all about you. it is all about you starting to finish and customize to you and your needs and wants and your thoughts. If you have a certain weight loss school, we can achieve that. If you have some issues you need to work through, depression or anxiety, we have therapy and we have real life coaching which just all combined really gives you a stable place to vent and grow. We are a one stop Beauty and Wellness Shop and we pride ourselves on this and all of our services we offer. you can spend the whole day getting everything you need and then just come in weekly for maintenance or monthly. whatever it is you want we can make a package for you. We work with you on the package and prices so that it is specifically accustomed to you and only you. Kansas City wellness club has already set memberships and packages but if one does not look perfect for you then we will completely create a new one!

you should go to Kansas City Yoga because it is for you. it is the best thing you could do for you and your body and your mind. you’re not interested in any of the spirituality about it then it can just be the physical and mental side. you can get your facials and therapy all in one place. You can go to the gym and get in the sauna all in one place. if you want to get your brows tinted and then hit up a yoga session and that is what you will do. anything and everything you can think of we have it for you, ready and waiting. Our staff is patiently waiting for your visit and would love to see you sometime in the near future if not today.

Kansas City Yoga it’s not only about yoga though. We have facial treatments and body treatments to get you looking and feeling good. We also have a salon and spa. The salon is hairstyles, the small is estheticians. even if you just come in to get your haircut and styled then we also have that for you too. if you don’t believe us and reviews that we have on our website under the testimonial / reviews tab. Get video testimonials from real clients that have used real services. There’s also reviews scattered throughout our website about certain services that we offer or products that we offer. check it out yourself and go to our website and you can find out anything you’d want to know

We also pride ourselves on keeping our facilities as clean and organized as possible because that makes you feel clean and organized as possible. Our point is that everything we do, our environment and our services is always thought of with you in mind. Keeping you in mind is a big part of why the staff here is so great because that is all they do for each and every client who doesn’t have the doors.

But don’t stop here! pick up the phone and dial 816-601-5592 to speak to some of our staff and get all of the information from us! Our website is kcwellnessclub.com which is also another great material for you to read through and look at pictures and you can also do a virtual tour before you even come into the Wellness center! It started right now by calling us and going to our website!

Kansas City Yoga | Yoga In The City

Kansas City Yoga Is like yoga in the city. because it is! It’s located in downtown Kansas City in the Kansas City Club building. It’s a beautiful facility with high ceilings and chandeliers almost everywhere. it is designed so you have a very tranquil and peaceful experience and anyone you go into. not only that but it is also very detailed and thought out for each client. as soon as you walk in it’s an experience in and out of itself. from our lovely and kind staff to our decorations and floor. everything has been thought out and planned carefully so you can feel the most out of use and calm and most importantly like you are about to achieve a better version of yourself because you are.

Kansas City Yoga Offers body healing through preventive and Primary Care. is a natural-based medicine which is ingrained in our DNA. We evolved with it, it is highly effective and it comes with the least amount of side effects. Here at the wellness club we seek to emphasize this prevention and treatment of multiple health through the use of modern and traditional therapeutic methods and substances that encourage individuals self-heating processes. We always seek to identify with the client and remove the underlying cause of illness rather than to really eliminate or suppress symptoms. we’re working to announce Partnerships with natural doctors and Chiropractic doctors as well as direct primary care doctors. among many others who will holistically assess your health issue, perform root cause analysis, and prescribe either natural which is preferred or RX solutions for your primary care needs. This means that you can pay one membership fee that will provide you with preventive and Primary Care Services via our locations and resources.

Kansas City Yoga offers you so much. Kansas City Wellness club It’s all about having Integrity with our clients. This Integrity will allow you to easily shift your mindset towards living a healthy life and not being fearful of or focused on sick care. This focuses you so much more on investing in your own Wellness other than your illness and all of that that entails. So consider what your monthly budget is that you currently spend on all of your health and wellness, which is insurance premiums, deductibles, prescriptions, wellness Services, gems and classes and everything else. you need to contact us today to see how you can use a bundled health and wellness membership to produce better outcomes for you and save your money in the long run which is all we want to do.

As we said before you can consider us or One Stop Shop and health and wellness and beauty. That is how we heal you. from the inside out. if you just start with therapy and then go into other things that is okay if you want to start with her and go into other things that is also perfectly fine. We are here to help you.

Your next step is going to be to pick up the phone and dial 816-601-5592. you can call any questions or concerns you may have about any treatments or literally anything you can think of. We love talking to you and answering any questions. You may have other great resources to go to our website at kcwellnessclub.com. This has everything I just talked about and so much more for you to look at and read!