Kansas City Yoga Is very reviewed and highly recommended. It is a local favorite in the community and will soon be your local favorite too! for media and news you can check out our website or just search us on google. We were recently featured in Starland news and we cannot be more thrilled. certain news is a digital Daily Business News publication primarily reporting stories of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the greater Kansas City region if you don’t know what it is. you can read the article on our website or go to it on google. Kansas City wellness club is also very very proud to be named one of the first ever small business Superstars by the greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. We are a small business Superstar and are very proud! Small business Superstars have kept Kansas City moving forward through hard times these past years and had to make big sacrifices. but we will always show customers why we’re a strong small business and one will stop being the best we can be for you and for the environment. and we are just getting started.

Kansas City Yoga Was not only featured as a small business Superstar but Kansas City wellness club also toward one tank trip host Dasha jones. She experiences the space trip Club package which includes virtual reality, energy healing, andCraniosacral therapy. There are also Spotlight featured on KSHB and 2021, as well as in 2020. and 2021 the owner Heath wrestling went on to discuss how alignment works when you are aligned physically, emotionally and mentally. The one that aired in 2020 offers you inside our hair studio. We were also featured in Kansas City magazine and City Scene article. Kansas City wellness club celebrates first year success as well as the announcement of the pitch best of Casey award and wellness in a post lockdown era as well as the grand opening.

If you want to go to Kansas City Yoga you must visit the Kansas City Wellness club. while it is in the perfect location of being in the heart of downtown it is also the best whether you live there locally or on vacation. vacation is all about relaxing and getting Pampered, which is exactly what the wellness club does. For locals it could be to approve your life but for vacationers it can be a getaway of sorts and a reset. It is very affordable starting at $1 for your first service. The way Heath invented this as a wellness and sustainability Club brings a lot of new things to the market. wellness has always been there but now it is more talked about and more acted upon. This type of innovation is what Kansas City wellness club brings to the market. more and more companies are turning sustainable and eco-friendly which is always a benefit.

Kansas City wellness club always puts the client first when they curate each visit to each individual client. Since each client has completely different needs, we understand this and put different action plans in place to each person. if you are there for life coaching or any other session, and give you start to finish instructions on how we think we can help you and get that started with you right away. Counter and found her husband and many leadership positions before so we should put you at ease when he created this. He learned a lot while he was studying abroad and puts it to use every single day at this Wellness club.

Now that you know the company is all about you and the environment, call 816-601-5592 right now to get started and kcwellnessclub.com is always there as a resource for you to learn more or go ahead and book your appointment right now!

Kansas City Yoga | All The Services

All the services are available at Kansas City Yoga. I’m Salon Services to spa treatments to personal training sessions, Kansas City wellness club has it all. They were not only investing in yourself but investing in your future when you start booking with the Kansas City wellness club. This will help to achieve balance and healing throughout your body and spirit. The way our therapist incorporates the latest fall techniques with traditional healing practices really just gives an overall 100% experience of relaxation and peace from outside to within. This is in every service and every session that we have. our staff works together, if someone doesn’t know something the other one will. Our professionals are highly trained and you can read each of their backgrounds on our website. All of our staff are very passionate about helping people and the environment.

Pay attention to the detail that Kansas City Yoga gives because it is top-notch. From my hair all the way down to the toes we can take care of you and your needs. We have therapy and counseling and life coaching sessions lasting depending on how long you want to schedule it for. They work around your schedule for every session. not only that but we also give so many benefits to our members. You can always visit us in the historic Kansas City club building in downtown Kansas City while wearing a plush robe and slippers and practice self-care with a day of beauty and wellness. feel for yourself why we won the best day spa and Casey award and just the first year of opening here in downtown. we will not disappoint you.

Kansas City Yoga So Top Notch that they’ve been reviewed by the news and highly recommended by anyone in town. It has become a great place to stop by on a vacation as well since it is so peaceful and such an oasis. consider it a little getaway even if you live there or if you’re just visiting. from the mindful spa treatments that help massage and spa treatments leave you with a sense of physical revitalization ease as I could have energy leaves the body while also hydrating your skin. This has so many benefits such as stimulating healing and rejuvenating your body from head to toe. There is also professional hair removal with her natural waxes which helps to keep your skin smooth and maintenance for you.

Known for our spa but we are also known for our salon here. We have a beautifying Salon Service that helps you express your unique self with her hair services. All of us stylists and estheticians use chemical free products from our Simply Organic product line to transform you with our Signature haircuts, Hair trims, blowouts, and hair styling. you can see all these in pictures for him on our website on what we can do. Our Salon is also a head Spa with scalp massages and Scout treatments always waiting for you.

give us a call right after reading this article to set up your first service at 816-601-5592 and our website is at kcwellnessclub.com if you’d like to book it yourself or just want to learn more about us and what we can do for you!