Kansas City Yoga Well love Kansas City Wellness club. not only do they make you feel safe but they also make you feel like you were in a trusted space which is Serena peaceful. That is why they have so many video testimonials and reviews. They are highly recommended in the community and saves you time and money. They want to simplify your transition to the next age of sustainable living while also bettering you as a whole. They are on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube , Instagram and Pinterest and want you to fall for all things Health, Beauty and sustainable living. They have a special right now that allows you to choose between a massage, a holistic facial, while this coaching session, hair salon experience or energy healing Journey for just one dollar. you should take advantage of this and so much more!

When you’re in Kansas City Yoga you should expect to take a trip to the Kansas City Wellness club. not only because it is downtown but because of all the facilities inside.They have treatments for anything you can think of, that is why they like to say they are One Stop Shop for all things beauty and wellness. They have a spa and salon while also having a wellness center. They also have a fitness center with many facilities. Not only is there an open facility for all members but there is also VR which is a virtual reality workout as well as one-on-one personal training that is offered. He can have however many minute long sessions you need for personal training, whether it be 30 minutes or an hour. They are there for you and adjust to your schedule no matter what.

Kansas City Yoga Is one in the same with Kansas City Wellness clubs mission. They wish to help you rise above all the modern day life problems so that you can sustainably become the best version of yourself on the outside and inside. There are award-winning wells in this club located in the historic Kansas City club building in the heart of downtown. They intend to cultivate a very mindful lifestyle throughout the whole community and once that goal is reached they wish to go even Beyond that. The collaboration with you and them work step by step and helps to connect to you with your bus and great human desires such as sustaining contentment, since it belongs, so Transcendence and positive experiences.

Our team is made up of some of the most diverse professionals around. From our founder and owner Heath Wessling to our operations manager Sabino Lozano. He has been in many leadership roles throughout his life whether it be from Sports to travel to Wellness education. He was brought up in the country and moral work ethic of Kansas City. Wellness along with sustainability is among his biggest passions in life. his own personal Wellness during the weekend in 2007 while he was living in london. He became a nurse in the Wellness industry for over a decade managing the wellness program and permission team at Cerner corporation. He wishes for the wellness club to be a place of experience and education.

To join the dream now you can call 816-601-5592 or go to the website at kcwellnessclub.com to get started right now.

Kansas City Yoga | Best Service For You

Kansas City Yoga Is the best service for you and let me tell you why. Kansas City wellness club Consist of highly trained and enthusiastic stuff. Not every single person in our team is enthralled and dedicated. A comprehensive approach to Wellness addresses not only your needs but also guides you step by step through the whole plan for your individual self. We carefully craft a program that helps each and every client. if that is what the client wants, if not then you can book or services and treatments as you feel inclined to. but we love collaborating with you and helping you to cultivate a more enjoyable life. Let’s help you overcome modern-day stressors that are very difficult to tune out on the daily. but coming into the wellness club is the point of our club.

Kansas City Yoga is near you! Head downtown to your local wellness club! Kansas City Wellness Club is here for you. They connect with each and every client and personalize their experience. no experiences the same when you come to the wellness club. it is for you and your own personal Journey whether we start with yoga or Fitness or massage or therapy or even life coaching sessions. even if you start with using our hair salon and spa you always go beyond and encourage you to prioritize self-care and reassurance. We want to cure it of a mindful space no matter what treatment or session you will be getting. We understand that too many areas in your life are exhausting. We want you to understand that when you’re here, he wants you to use each moment you have and our environment to focus on healing yourself and restoring your mind, body and soul.

Kansas City Yoga Gives your expectations up front and personal. you have any questions or concerns you can always call us or come on in and ask. you can try a treatment for only just $1 when you start out with us and if you want to continue your journey or even get to know where you have to start your journey we are here for you. I understand that you’re trusting us since we are professionals and we will never betray that trust. Our core values here at Kansas City Wellness Center is to encourage a sustainable and self-fulfilling life. whether that be about your finances or your job or how you look. We will help in any way we can with anything you need. set up a session today so you can start your journey to a better you.

Another huge thing about us that you need to know is that we are all about sustainability and sustainable or zero waste living. Kansas City wellness club is dedicated to using all natural products and providing low or zero waste Wellness services. this could be in regards to working you out or our hair care and treatments. We also hold educational Community programming and events to help you understand how you can make better choices in your own life when it comes to protecting the planet and enhancing your own health. We always strive to create a venue where you can connect your core life necessities and Wellness with clear engaging guidance toward living more naturally while also living sustainably, which is what we love to teach.

Your next step right now after reading the message is to give us a call right now at 816-601-5592 while also going to our website at kcwellnessclub.com to learn more about everything I have said and where you can get started today!