Kansas City Yoga Is for anyone and everyone. The website for the Kansas City wellness club is clearly laid out and organized. They have call membership/packages comma /salon, Wellness, fitness program info, Events/ media, testimonials and review pages. Each one is very detailed and describes what you will be getting yourself into with each package and treatment. If you don’t trust us then we want to fix that right away. you can view all of our media that we’ve gotten and awards. or you can view our testimonials and reviews and video reviews that we have gathered from real clients using our services. We transform lives by doing what you know how we do it. You can read and watch hundreds of member reviews and testimonials on our website. That’s fine but I’ve been with this for a while if they will do a video testimonial and that is why we have so many because everyone is happy to do so.

When visiting Kansas City Yoga you need to try the Kansas City Wellness club. We offer a lot of energy healing sessions of different kinds. We have intuitive energy healing which relaxes releases and restores the Hands-On intuitive energy session. wrecking other holistic modalities will be utilized to help align the emotional mental and physical bodies. we understand we’re busy Lifestyles that everyone leads easy to get roundup. Energy sessions will help release emotional burden so you can feel more like yourself which is why we always advise you to come with the intention to get the most out of your service. no service normally includes crystals bouncing your chakra and optional activation of a heated healing Crystal mat that you lay on.

Kansas City Yoga It’s perfect for you. There’s also the heated healing Crystal mat with all single intuitive energy healing sessions. it is, as we like to call it, an intersection of science and mysticism with Cutting Edge far and infrared technology which combines forces with the ancient Healing Wisdom of crystals to produce a beautiful heated Crystal Matt that can improve circulation, reduce inflammation common hands mood, boost immune system, promote healing, and even Aiden relaxation. The way it works is when you lay on the mat waves of energy visible to the naked eye penetrate the surface of the skin where they gently alleviate the body’s surface temperature and will also positively activate several critical body systems and functions. woven into the mat are thousands of tiny crystals with each in their own unique healing properties. This allows positive feeling energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows out. The crystals that are in the mat are black obsidian which is perfect for energetic grounding, turquoise which strengthens communication, amethyst which clears negative energy, clear quartz which amplifies energy and intuition, and finally red agate which promotes inspiration and motivation. There is also a session for couples.

Give us a call to schedule yours or other treatments we have at 816-601-5592 and check out all that I’ve said which is kcwellnessclub.com.

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Kansas City Yoga Starts here at Kansas City Wellness club. Our yoga sessions are not just simple yoga. We have classical yoga which is described on our website as a series to move the body and focus the mind. classical yoga is based on the traditional system of eight limbs, known as Ashtanga yoga. This style of yoga incorporates meditation and breath work with the asana body poses of yoga. For the focus on alignment, elements of yoga create a safe space for gentle movement, considering bodies of all types and levels of experience. it’s excellent for everyone so let’s get started with this. We also have a relaxing restore yoga which is described on the website as having the opportunity to receive mental Clarity and release muscle tensions or deep stretching. poses will be low to the ground and held for a couple of minutes more deeply into the stretch. props such as posters, blankets, and blocks will be utilized to allow deep relaxation. this class it’s great if your body and mind could use a deep release and a break from everyday life for you

Another thing to remember at Kansas City Yoga is that there is also astrology yoga. This is basically what it sounds like, it combines the philosophies and the asanas of yoga with the cosmic energies of astrology. and Western astrology. Each sign of the zodiac is associated with an area of the body. of the many aspects that influence our daily energies, the positions of the Sun in the mirror are the most potent. Each week, Astro yoga will dive into the energies of these two celestial bodies to add up the meaning to your yoga practice. from Aries and versions to Pisces flow, this class connects your practice to the energies within and around you!

Kansas City Yoga Is not only about yoga. It can be about creating your fitness program and journey. We haven’t opened Fitness long that is welcome to the members anytime personal trainer, we actually have two personal trainers at here availability. We always work around your schedule and always work on your goals. all the stuff communicates to each other very well so we all know what your next step is to get you on your wall this journey, and to get you succeeding faster and quicker than you ever thought was possible. We also help you out with your diet if you need some inspiration on where you can always better yourself. I want you to look and feel clean at all times.

We love when you call and ask these questions or just want to talk about your life in general. If one of your questions is what kind of turnaround time can I expect then we have an answer. We always say hello 4 to 8 months and see a significant shift in your life but it depends on the person and it depends on the plan. your life doesn’t always have to be on a timeline it can just be on the natural flow of how much progression you want to do every week. That’s why we are here. If you want to do fast paced we can do that or if you want to slow track it and really just enjoy the whole process because it is about the journey not the destination. only $1 to schedule your first service so call us today and get on that! start becoming a better you today.

You can give us a call to get started right now, and today at 816-601-5592. Also, going to the website is a great tool that you can use for reading all about the testimonials and reviews as well as all the services we provide, even though we know it’s a lot! so check us out at kcwellnessclub.com!