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  1. A 12 week Wellness Education Series, starting August 5th at 11am, and each Friday after that at 11am. We will explore the fundamentals of each wellness focus area and give you all our top tips! You will learn about our approach to holistic skin care, hair care, energy healing, and Yoga & Stretching. We will also cover our proprietary 7 Life Coaching Wellness Pillars- proactive guidance to the next age of sustainable living, which will empower you with better ways to manage modern-day stressors.  The schedule and information to join is listed below.

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Recordings & Resources:

To join each Friday at 11am, please click HERE

If prompted- Meeting ID is 830 2969 5857 and Passcode is 851792.  Meeting recordings, and links to resources, can be found at the bottom of the page.

Aug 5th Coaching- Mindfulness. Recording HERE, passcode #g!e39T& ….. Slide Deck HERE

  • Extra Resources: Cognitive Distortions List HERE, Tolerations Exercise HERE, Wellness Club Pillars Wheel of Life HERE, Mindfulness in the Workplace article HERE.

Aug 12th Coaching- Nutrition. Recording HERE, passcode j4wMJ5.v ….. Slide Deck HERE

  • Extra Resources: Local restaurants that serve fresh local food HERE, Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce HERE, Guide for Planting Food in our geographic region HERE

Aug 19th Hair Care & Skin Care. Recording HERE, passcode ?0#aO0ip ….. Slide Deck HERE

  • Extra Resources: Our best recommendation for Physical (Mineral) Sunblock is Elta MD HERE

Aug 26th Coaching- Spiritual. Recording HERE, passcode 06Uq%^6X ….. Slide Deck HERE

  • Extra Resources: Gratitude Activity HERE

Sept 2nd Energy Healing. Recording HERE, passcode &g5MA^X0 ….. Slide Deck HERE

Sept 9th  Coaching- Physical. Recording HERE, passcode p59h0?X# ….. Slide Deck HERE

Sept 16th Stretching & Yoga. Recording HERE, passcode 3P@k?YM# ….. Slide Deck HERE

Sept 23rd Craniosacral. Recording HERE, passcode 4JM@qEPd ….. Slide Deck HERE

  • Craniosacral 1pager HERE
  • Map of sutures of human skull HERE

Sept 29th  Massage Therapy Recording HERE, passcode gfih94&Z ….. Slide Deck HERE

Oct 7th  Coaching- Environmental

Oct 14th Coaching- Social

Oct 21st Coaching- Financial