New Needs Food Pilot

NEW NEEDS – a vehicle to localized wellness living

Automate the repeatable engagement you have with your everyday food needs, within your existing budget, and from sources that are aligned with your core values of wanting to support local, live naturally & vibrantly, and become more resilient to modern day life challenges.

We were thrilled to recently complete a pilot group around the Food component of what was the core original Wellness Club vision- to be the vehicle that simplifies your transition out of hectic modern life.  You’re overwhelmed living a busy life, you want more time. You seek more stability & resiliency from inflation increases, supply chain issues, and global shock events.

“What is the idea?”

You already have a food budget, and your taste preferences…we’re just going to connect local resources to package that up and automate your everyday food needs, so you don’t have to wonder about that repeatable aspect of your life, and therefore save you time & stress.  Simply:

1. Identify your average monthly budget you spend on food, set aside a portion for this 1 month trial run.
2. Lists the foods you enjoy, and describe your meal & taste preferences.
3. Receive your food throughout the month from earthy sources- organic as often as able- and sourced locally or regionally, pickup at the Wellness Club or other locations for free, or get your food shipped to you for a small delivery fee.
4. Enjoy perks and benefits at the participating businesses throughout the trial project and beyond
5. Fill out a Survey at the end to help us impact your experience, highlight positives, and find ways to improve.

New Needs Visual

“How does this benefit me?”

  1. You don’t have to worry about what you’re going to eat tonight or next week.
  2. Your food will be fresher, and fresher food often makes you feel healthier and more vibrant.
  3. You feel good knowing you are supporting your local farmers and local food system businesses.
  4. You become more resilient to future adversity and the ‘tidal wave of modern day life’.


ARE YOU A BUSINESS IN THE LOCAL FOOD INDUSTRY?  YOU all went into business to feed YOUR community, right??  You all wish that more of the market knew about how to plug into local food sources…rather than mass produced national/global food sources, right??  We are looking for local chefs, meal prep cooks, farmers, grocery stores, collectives, or any person or business that plays a role in our local food system.  Reach out on our Contact Us page HERE to join a community common cause that is MUCH bigger than all of us combined. Our competitive advantages are:

  • Local- lower shipping costs/risks, benefit local economy
  • Fresh- local food, better quality/nutrition/health
  • Natural- from the earth, free or minimal harsh pesticides/chemicals
  • Personalized- within consumer’s existing budgets, tailored to individual meal/taste preferences
Packaged Meals

This is perfect for Wellness minded individuals, healthy food seekers, or anyone feeling burdened and uncomfortable from busy lives, rising inflation, supply chain issues, and period global skyfall events…and therefore wanting more resiliency & stability in your life.

If you’d like to put your name on a list to become an early adopter, fill out our Contact Us form.  Thank you!

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