Maddie Medley

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Maddie Medley

Classes:  Creator’s Flow Yoga

The most joy that Maddie feels is from creating + experiencing moments of deep connection. She feels that her purpose on this earth is to facilitate these moments.

When the pandemic left playing music (Maddie’s main creative outlet) less accessible, she turned to movement for comfort. Yoga provided a new outlet that only asked her to show up with an open heart and make peace with her body. She loved experiencing this alongside other students, whether over Zoom or in person. She very quickly realized that she wanted to become a yoga teacher.

Maddie completed True Love Yoga’s 200 HR teacher training in 2022 in Kansas City, emphasizing Vinyasa + Hatha Yoga. Although she was living in Nashville at the time, she felt particularly drawn to this out-of-town training due to its trauma-informed perspective and dedication to humbly honoring the roots of the practice. Her teachers inspired her welcoming approach to teaching. She traveled to Kansas City specifically for this training until she moved in September of 2022. When attending Maddie’s classes, you might notice an emphasis on autonomy. Her goal is for her students to feel that she is gently guiding them through the beautiful + personal practice of yoga.