Planting Seeds And Sprouting Goodness


This moment in history has called for a place like this.  A place that guides people above the tidal wave of modern day life, and simplifies their transition to next age sustainable living.  We launched just 2 months before CV shut the world down, yet throughout those challenges, we have already established traction and a unique market footprint, and now with the new updates, announcements, and expansion of scope…that will directly benefit the people, we want to speak directly to, and financially reward WE THE PEOPLE.  Not banks, or corporations, or private investors.


Investment Opportunity. Kansas City Wellness Club Invites All To Invest And Reap The Benefits

The Kansas City Wellness Club, the first business of its kind, extends an invitation to everyone to help accelerate our growth, benefit from the bright future of our next phase, and share our and the community’s success with the people who know us best- YOU.  We have just recently announced that we’ve launched a community funding round with Mainvest, a regulated, secure, and easy to use investment platform!  This is a way for us to say thanks for believing in us, as well as get you to share in our growth.  Mainvest is an investment platform that allows members of our community to invest in us, and allows us to reward our biggest supporters, believers, and those that invest in us, with a revenue sharing note on potential returns tied to our revenue.  Mainvest allows anyone to become an angel investor in our company. 

The Kansas City Wellness Club solves the problems of 1) people struggling to achieve- and maintain- overall good health via natural ways that don’t produce other side effects…very timely in a post CV world; and 2) people feeling burdened and unstable due to rising inflation, global supply chain issues, and now too frequent larger than life “skyfall” events (3 in the last 20 years: 9/11, ‘08/’09 financial/housing crash, CV).  People want more resiliency & stability in their life.

We solve these problems by a) by operating a brick and mortar holistic wellness center & event space that saves people time & money by providing all their health & wellness needs in one place- no place in KC has all that we do; and b) by simplifying the repeatable engagement with one’s everyday needs (Health, Food, Clothing, Home) by taking the existing monthly budgets that one spends on those repeatable everyday tasks, along with their meal/taste and event/style preferences, out to an online marketplace where only local, sustainable, or natural based businesses fulfill those needs.

  • We’re planning a pilot group this summer for that exciting marketplace concept.
  • We are creating partnerships with primary care doctors who are committed to enabling consistently healthy & informed patients.
  • We are opening up our spaces to all Wellness Professionals & Natural Based Healers, to bring in more visibility into the sacred healing Wellness Club spaces, but also enhance our mission of being a large hub of wellness entrepreneurial activity.
  • In the investment link below, you will see the positive revenue momentum we have achieved- almost 20% month over month since the initial CV lockdown.
  • We are getting contacted more and more for private/corporate parties & events of all kinds…businesses, apartment complexes, doctor/dental groups, we even recently hosted 150+ women from a sorority at University of Kansas.
  • Our membership process is now well tuned, so we project large increases there as we finally get a full year to broadcast the message to the vibrant and primary target market 2 mile radius around us in downtown Kansas City.
  • We have stabilized fixed expenses, are finding ways to decrease them, so they are projected to remain stable as business activity scales up.

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this investment opportunity, as I expand upon in this video.


Why should you believe in this place?  Well…

  1. Because we already have made people believe, watch a couple of our video reviews HERE, and you’ll see why we are one of the highest and most reviewed places in the city.
  2. From running with the bulls in Pamplona, to running wellness programs for over a decade here in Kansas City with Cerner, I have felt called to deliver this vision and elevate this community wellness mission & message.
  3. You have witnessed rising trends of farmer’s markets, farm-to-table eateries, home grocery/meals, and virtual clothing stores already shows the existing demand for this lifestyle engagement.
  4. Yet no local network exists, and certainly none that aligns themselves so closely with what the consumer already does and likes to do, so we will fill that gap.
  5. This investment is strongly shielded against big stock market or recession shocks, as it has strong resiliency (and maybe even more demand) during adverse economic conditions due to good health, healthy food, and basic clothing needs perpetually existing.
  6. You want to invest in, and involve yourself in, a place that truly walks the walk of natural products/treatments- no harsh chemicals or invasive treatments, and eco-friendly operations.  It feels good to be around a community of like minded people…social wellness.
  7. You want to walk with a group of people dedicated to a “greater good” community mission, with far reaching equal benefits for all, and specific focus on Veterans, Nurses, EMTs, Police Officers, Firefighters, Teachers.


You want to walk with us, and we are so thrilled to walk on this journey with you. Our Community Round is about more than just revenue and growing our customer base – we’re building a network of people who share our mission and values. As anyone who has been to the Wellness Club knows, we love bringing memorable experiences to the community.  I’m asking you to walk with us on this path that rises above modern day challenges.  To join in on our mission to bring you more life changing holistic healing, and enable a large wellness community connector…for as little as a $100 investment!  You can even receive bonus investments perks that you can read about in the link below.

Please walk with us towards a better future in our better world. Any investment, and every investor, is greatly appreciated, as every little bit helps get us closer to our goal.  Plus, you get cool perks.

Click HERE to walk with us on this investment opportunity

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