Gary Hicks

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Gary is the founder of Generational Health and Wellness, and is a Registered Nurse with over a decade of experience in nursing. He has had a varied and impressive career trajectory, having had experiences in home health care, hospice care, critical care, nurse management, and healthcare organizational leadership. He is a certified rehabilitation RN and administrator for a prominent health system in metro Kansas City, MO. Gary is passionate about improving health outcomes across adult generational communities. He is dedicated to empowering adults to find effective strategies to live within their unique scope of wellness. Gary is furthering his expertise in health and wellness by pursuing a doctorate in nursing practice with a specialty in Adult-Geriatric Primary Care through the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  Health Counseling provided by Gary with Generational Health and Wellness helps people live within their unique scope of wellness by focusing on reducing illness, psychosocial pressures, and nutritional struggles as constraints to optimal living. As a registered nurse with over a decade of experience, Gary is uniquely qualified to guide those with health concerns or chronic illnesses to improve their quality of life.

You can book a Wellness Club coaching session with Gary through our website HERE, or you can book any of his Generational Health and Wellness services through his site by clicking on the button below.

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