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The Wellness Club knows that our employees are our best assets, and we are excited to have built a harmonious, talented and passionate team. We want to support you as you grow professionally and take on the task of serving others in a bigger way. Fill out this brief job inquiry form, and we will get back to you if we feel you might be a good fit.


Full-time and part-time positions currently open


Massage Therapist

“Let me dedicate my life today, to the care of those who come my way. Let me touch each one with healing hands and the gentle art for which it stands. Let the divine force flow from me to you, let spirit renew. And then tonight, when the day is done may I rest in peace if I help just one.”

Kansas City Wellness Club MassageDo you get excited about helping others find the path to their wellness journey?

Do you enjoy working alongside others to create an environment where people can slow down, leave stress outside the doors and get support for their self-care?

Have you always wanted to be part of an emerging wellness business changing lives while growing and evolving?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, the Kansas City Wellness Club might be the perfect job for you.




Hair Stylist

Kansas City Wellness Club HairHow often can you step right in and be a Hair Stylist at the Best Day Spa in the city…in the 1st room of an integrated unique wellness center?!?  We are looking for fun, motivated Hair Stylists, who seek natural based holistic environments, and enjoy working alongside energetic diverse wellness professionals. Commission & Rental opportunities available. We will be making our hiring decision by January 19, so fill out the form below to inquire about becoming part of the elite team at the award-winning Kansas City Wellness Club!


Natural based Healers (Doctors, Naturopath, Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners)

Terrific opportunity for entrepreneur-minded doctors who seek to get to the root causes of issues! Come expand your professional profile at the award-winning Kansas City Wellness Club! 4 pictures of the room are below, and multiple rental agreement setups are available. Would immediately be able to integrate with the wellness center business that has already won a Best in KC award for Best Day Spa- though we’re much more than a day spa!


  • Kansas City Wellness Club Naturopath 2


Yoga/Class Instructor

As society opens up more, so is our Yoga Studio! We are currently seeking all mindful instructors wanting to grow their profile & teach classes at a luxurious space that was recently nominated for Best Yoga Studio in KC! See the picture below… To apply as an instructor and submit a new group fitness class, please click HERE

Kansas City Wellness Club Yoga


If you want to host an educational workshop or event of any kind at the Club, please fill out the form on this page HERE rather than the below form.


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