Space Rental for Events, Workshops, or Recurring Group Fitness Classes


Our space is available to rent as an event space for group parties- Spa, Salon, Bridal, Girl’s Night Out, Corporate, Private Events, Workshops, Classes, etc. We know you desire safe & fun places to connect with your friends and family again. We want to provide you with a warm, welcoming, safe, fun, and beneficial environment to do that. We provide an event space that develops, produces, and spreads insightful wellness-themed content from our healers and instructors, as well as through partnerships with other wellness-minded healers and instructors. Events we have done in the past include Ladies Nights, Esthetician training, Marketing seminars, Reiki certifications, Healing sessions through sound bowls or breathwork or indigenous instruments, Young Healer’s Club, Body Frequency device sales presentation, a Blues/Funk concert, and even 4th of July readings of the Declaration of Independence!

We can also help connect you and your event to the historic and glamorous Kansas City Club spaces, and all their spacious rooms and venue opportunities that have recently seen them nominated for best in city awards as: “Best Bachelor Party Venue”, “Best Bachelorette Party Location”, and “Best Place for a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner”. More pictures and information on those spaces can be found HERE. Come host your grand event in our classy Kansas City Club building, and add some fun & beneficial wellness services before, during, or after your event!

Types of Rentals

  • Spa/Salon Party. Do you and some friends/family want a small party? We can create a Spa/Salon party for you and your crew! Check out our Party packages HERE.
  • Base space rental. Use our spaces for workshops, classes, or as a fresh meeting/event space for social clubs, women’s or men’s circles or focus groups, wellness organizations, educational expert speakers, & sustainability groups who need space and want to be a part of a new age movement
  • Wellness Services theme. Rent out our space and include Wellness services to give your event a specific wellness theme.
  • All-inclusive. Rotate throughout many Wellness Club and Kansas City Club spaces. Let your attendees try out a sample of everything the Wellness Club has to offer. Start or end the event in other spaces of the Club for entertainment or speaker presentations on desired topics.


Our standalone event space is our beautiful 1,000 square foot fitness studio that has a large window, plants, wall mirrors, and a private ensuite bathroom. If the space is set up for an activity event, the space can accommodate up to 12 yoga mats. For a set up with rectangle tables and chairs, the space can hold about 30 people, 50 people max.  We also have the ability for you to rent out the 3,000 square foot Spa, Salon, and Wellness Center space or even the grand historic Kansas City Club SPACES VIEWED HERE.

For activity-based events or workshops, Kansas City Wellness Club can provide yoga mats, yoga blankets, bolsters, and stability balls. An elevated 20-inch high platform is available for business presentations, meditation, or yoga instructors. For events or classes, we can provide tables and chairs. We can also provide linens, tables, and chairs.

Outside food and beverages are allowed. We ask that you help us in our efforts to be earth-friendly and please recycle what you can from your event. We do our best to accommodate your needs and make sure your event runs smoothly, please make sure that we are aware of all desires and needs for your event in advance.






Cost to rent the spaces can be priced on a service or group or hourly or daily or weekend rate- with a minimum rental duration of 2 hours- and are priced according to your needs.


The Wellness Club event space has an independent sound system featuring dual stereo sound speakers with a subwoofer and wireless microphones. There is also an auxiliary cord for a personal iPod or phone connection. A large 70” tv is available for presentations. flexible and integrated PA system with speakers, microphones, a private bathroom, and a mobile bar, we can furnish all that you need to host your event. The Kansas City Club spaces have a sophisticated sound system with wireless mics, AppleTV, audio jack, HDMI inputs, and iPad control. You are more than welcome to come to check out the spaces beforehand to ensure they will accommodate your needs.


We strongly encourage and prefer a 30-day heads up for all Club rentals, as those have shown to have more success. To start the process, fill out the Event Inquiry Form below, and we will get in touch with you. We will then contact you for an initial call, and once we decide to move forward we will require a credit card number to be put on file and a non-refundable Event Planning Deposit of $50 to be placed down.  If reserving service providers, a Service Provider Reservation deposit will also be due at that time, and will only apply if the event is canceled within 2 weeks or No-Show.  If the requested party time is outside of business hours, this deposit is non-refundable once work starts to coordinate efforts to deliver your event.  Both deposits will be credited to your final balance once the event is held.


If you are filling out this form to teach a new group fitness class, please fill out ALL FIELDS below, and anytime you see “Event”, just think of it as “Class”. Thank you!



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If a group or private party, just let us know how you ideally envision your event looking like and flowing, as best as you can. If a public event, highlight any alignment with shared core principles of: locally sourced natural based products/services, eco-friendly operations, sustainable practices, health and wellness, social, team building, educational, etc
e.g. massage tables, projector, or other props? How many tables would you want? Round or rectangle? Our rounds are 66" and can fit up to 10 people. Do you desire linens, and if so is black ok? Do you want the bar open and need bartenders? Do you plan to bring your own Food and Drinks or do you need us to provide those?
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